8 steps to mummy empowerment!

8 steps to mummy empowerment!

Mums are supposed to be super women, who can and will do anything for their family, while usually putting their own needs at the bottom of the list if any at all. Being an empowered mum will help you do all the things you have to, while at the same time, do all the things that you want to, without having to feel cheated or guilty in anyway. Here's how...

8 steps to mummy empowerment!

8 ways to mummy empowerment!

There are several measures that you as a mum can physically and mentally take, to create the environment where some level of empowerment is evident, thus leaving you with the freedom so needed to stay productive, happy and in control.

  • What do you want? One of the first things to do, if you want to empower yourself would be to distinguish what you really want out of life, both for you and your family. Although it is quite natural to put the needs of your family first, your needs should also get equal attention. Only after understanding what’s important to you, can you take any necessary steps to move towards achieving your goals.
  • Get involved in new things. Taking an interest in new things or even taking up a course to better yourself, is a good way to gain some level of empowerment. The respect you will enjoy will certainly contribute to a heightened sense of personal confidence, thus allowing you to explore newer options and experiences.
  • Brush up your knowledge. With knowledge also comes the ability to make better decisions that will affect you and your child. Empowering yourself with information on topics about children and relationship building will help you create better relationships within the family unit.
8 steps to mummy empowerment!

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  • Stretch yourself. The journey of you exercising empowerment should ideally include characteristics of learning to fine-tune your ability to stretching yourself to the limits. Committing completely to something is the start to successful empowerment.
  • Stay focused. To stay empowered, don’t allow small setbacks to derail you from your goals. Stay focused until the goal is achieved and keep yourself in a positive mindset always.
  • Positive language. Avoid using negative words like cant, wont, don’t etc when speaking, and instead consciously substitute these words with positive ones like can, will, want and eventually your body and mind will learn to adapt to this new mindset and cooperate accordingly.
  • Depend on others. Learning to depend on others or accepting help occasionally, does not mean you are incapable, but instead it helps you have time for yourself. This time can be used in a number of beneficial ways.
  • Look good. Just because you are a mum now, does not mean you suddenly have to change your dressing style or worse still lose interest in keeping up with current fashion. Part of empowerment is feeling good because you know you look good.

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Serena Mui

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