Beauty and Fashion Advice from Real Mums!

Beauty and Fashion Advice from Real Mums!

We get some great beauty and fashion advice from some real mothers, one of them is even the winner of the Mrs. Singapore Globe Pageant 2006.

As a mum, it’s easy to get yourself into a frump slump. To help you get back on that track of looking good and feeling good. We got advice from some very sizzling, hot mamas who strike a perfect balance between living out the role of a mother and woman.


These gorgeous, mummies range all the way from 26 – 37 years old and hold jobs as everything from sales managers to fire practitioners – to ensure that we give you honest, well-rounded advice! Pssst, we even got Mrs. Manbir Lalwani who won Mrs Singapore Globe in 2006 to share some words of beauty wisdom with us!

Which starlet would you consider a role model for your fashion sense?

Manbir: I don’t particularly follow one icon. But rather, I am inspired by different ladies for different qualities. Beyoncé is inspiring as she is beats the stereotype of looking stick-skinny but looks like a million dollars. Catherine Zeta Jones, as well, is clear indication that motherhood can be glamorous and beautiful.

Beauty and Fashion Advice from Real Mums!

Celebrity moms we love to love!

Did you ever feel that giving birth meant that you had to dress frumpy?

Aishah: I didn’t know that mothers had to dress frumpy after birth! Having two kids will not stop me from dressing the way I want to.

Corrine: No, you have to be even more careful in selecting clothing, though. 

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We continued to ask our sexy mummies more fashion and make up related questions!


How has motherhood changed your perception of beauty?

Diana: Motherhood just simply means I have to hide my bumps and flabs with style.

Manbir: While motherhood can be characterized by panda eyes, excess weight (from the pregnancy), a curvier figure and big diaper bags, the knowledge that you have given life, and brought a beautiful being into the world exudes a confidence that cannot be explained.

It’s really not about having the perfect figure post pregnancy; it’s about loving the fact that you have become a Mum, and the joy that it brings from within. That beauty is priceless.

Which three beauty items can’t you survive without?

Aishah: Vaseline (can’t live without it!), Sun-glasses (to protect my eyes), Pario (I can style it differently on different days, lightweight, easy to wash, quick to dry)

Manbir: My comb to keep my hair in place.  Lip gloss to moisturize my lips and body spray to smell good!

Corrine: Lipstick, UV face powder and shoes

How long does it take for you to apply light make-up?

Diana: I wear minimal makeup. Takes me less than five minutes.

Aishah: Five minutes if it’s just powder, blusher and lip gloss, 10 if I have to fill in my eyebrows and apply eye-liner and mascara.

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When you bring your children out on play-dates, what type of outfits do you put together?

Manbir: I love sundresses –  you don’t have to worry about coordinating tops and bottoms! And they don’t crease up when you carry the kids.

Aishah: I’ll wear one of my brightly colored tops with a vest, and pair it with my ‘Ali Baba’ pants. I’ll wear it with slinky or strappy sandals, depending on my accessories. Chains and bangles complete the look!

Diana: Jeans & t shirt for the ease of running around to catch them, with beads, rings or neckwear to make me look less boring

Corrine: I’ll dress up in something that looks nice, casual and comfortable outfits like jumper, a nice top with jeans or 3 quarter pants / shorts.

Share your top five make-up and fashion tips!


Make Up

  • Always work with a clean face that has been toned and moisturized
  • Use a powder shade that blends in with your skin tone, and not a shade too light.
  • Accentuate your best features
  • Don’t overdo the colors; assess the time of the day and place.
  • Keep make up light, too much make up suggests a lack of confidence and draws attention to your flaws. People tend to scrutinize you with too much make up and wonder what you are trying to hide.


Fashion Tips

  • Fashion trends are great, but they don’t work for everyone.
  • It’s not about being skinny, it’s about bringing out the best in you.
  • Dress your age.
  • Always get an honest opinion from those who matter the most.
  • When you walk out, tell yourself you look like million dollars and you will look the part.



For make-up: Never, ever over-do it! As for fashion tips, always dress appropriately for the occasion. Remember, classy is always in style

What’s your normal style? What do you usually wear to flatter your body?

Aishah: I love baby-doll tops and colorful stockings and leggings. I have a whole rainbow-colored collection! I usually pair them with each other, and my kids love it when I dress bright. They’ll go, “Mummy, you’re dressed ‘happy’ today!”

Diana: Tank top, loose pants and cardigan. Tank tops with flared long skirts. Show-off my upper body and hide my wide bottom.

So there you have it. We hope we’ve been able to pass on ample fashion and beauty inspiration in this article. We wish you all the best in blazing that track to being that Diva of a mummy (we know you’ve got it in you!) Rock your closet, rock your look and rock your life!

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