Prepare for a new wardrobe: say goodbye to 2016 beauty/fashion trends

Prepare for a new wardrobe: say goodbye to 2016 beauty/fashion trends

Out with the old, in with the new.

Excessive fringing

excessive fringing

This is a prime example of less is more. A little fringe detailing can be chic, but overdo it and you will look like a car wash. It is also a nuisance when the fringes get tangled in everything, or when the strands start shedding all over.

Overdrawn lips

overdrawn lips

Yes, Kylie Jenner's lips are sexy. On her, because it complement her other features. Ladies, a little restraint when applying the lipliners, lipsticks and lip glosses please. Just do your makeup in a way that looks good for you instead of blindly following a trend.

Overdrawn eyebrows

overdrawn eyebrows

Biggest beauty pet peeve. Either arched too high, or just plain thick and straight. The Korean eyebrows trend looks good on Korean girls because of their delicate features, but not suitable for everyone. On the other hand, over-plucked eyebrows are not the way to go either. And remember, eyebrows are sisters, not twins—don't fret if you cannot draw them on exactly identical to each other.

Leggings are not pants

leggings are not pants

When and how did this become acceptable in the first place?

Promoting body empowerment using plus size models in underwear

body empowerment

We are fully behind the whole body positive movement. But is stripping down full-figured women the only way to illustrate it? Seeing curvy women who are dressed in a way that flatters their figure is possibly more inspiring than plus size models in underwear.

Almost-nude red carpet dresses

red carpet dress

If previously we talked about how less is more, this is when the mantra does not apply. J. Lo—don't you worry—putting cloth over your body is not going to dim the shine of pop stars like you.


Know of any trends that needs to be done with? Comment below!

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Written by

Paige Li

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