Complications Of Breastfeeding That Every Nursing Mum Knows

Complications Of Breastfeeding That Every Nursing Mum Knows

Which of these did you have to endure?

You will never truly understand the complications of breastfeeding or breastfeeding woes until you experience it for yourself.

Some will leave you gritting your teeth in pain, others will etch fond memories even years after. Some are real complications of breastfeeding, some will just make you laugh.

Here are 21 breastfeeding injuries and woes only a nursing mum knows.

#1 Fullhouse


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Hardly a complication, maybe just sore arms.

#2 Nipple Burn


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When your newborn wants boobies 12 hours straight, all day, every day. Cracked nipples, blocked ducts are all part and parcel of the complications of breastfeeding. Lather on some all natural salve, and soldier on!

#3 Mozzarella, Anyone?


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Is your nipple even still there? OUCH.

#4 Nipple Fondle

Because the other one will get lonely.

#5 Rolled Nip

Almost as though they're trying to tun a radio.

#6 Twiddle Thumb


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Twiddle, twiddle, twiddle. Even when they are not nursing.

#7 Even Dad Is Not Spared


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See dads? Now you know how it feels!

#8 Hand-to-Mouth Reflex

When it is there but too far, all you got to do it reach out and yank.

#9 Stinky Feet!


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You know it's clean when they are immobile babies. Toddler's feet are questionable.

#10 Wet Dripping Other Boob


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No pain. Just a lot of laundry!

#11 Wrong Nipple!


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And now you have a hickey on your nose!

#12 Full Arms


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A mum's got to eat too! Don't drop the food on the baby!

#13 Free Dental Check-Up


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Let's not even talk about where that hand was earlier on.

#14 I Want That!


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It's not just hair and earrings they want. Now they want hats too!

#15 Complications of Breastfeeding: Mastitis 


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"Hey buddy, wake up soon and help mum out here." We hear you. Mastitis is very real and really hurts.

#16 Bites and Kisses


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It doesn't matter if your shirt is off or not. It doesn't even matter if I'm in the right place. When I'm hungry, I'm hungry!

#17 Nose Digger


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Just pray those hands don't immediately head to your mouth. Plus point? Improved motor skills!

#18 Claws, Just Claws


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Long nails and soft boob skin. Get ready for lacerations.

#19 Nose Hold


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I just made a pooplosion mum. Here, let me help you stub out the stink.

#20 Boob Slaps 


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Open up! It's dinner time mum! It doesn't hurt, well maybe just your pride when they do it in public!

#21 Body Fat Pinch


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Remember those long nails we mentioned earlier? Well, now you add the pinch.

Your scars will heal, the pain will go. And sadly your babies will grow up and one day stop breastfeeding. Laugh or cry through the journey – be it hair pulls, tweedling or mozzarella nipple pulls, I wouldn't exchange it for anything in the world.  

Cherish it. It does come to an end.


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Rosanna Chio

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