The Best Baby Food Pouches Are Made With All-natural Ingredients And Nothing Else

The Best Baby Food Pouches Are Made With All-natural Ingredients And Nothing Else

Started weaning? If you're looking for the best baby food pouches to get started with, look for the ones with all-natural ingredients and nothing else.

As a millennial parent who lives in the time the avocado on toast fad, chances are, you would have heard of the baby food pouch trend. These squeeze pouches are one of the latest trends in baby food and it’s hardly surprising. Because let’s face it, pureed baby food in a pouch is a godsend to the busy, 21st century, on-the-go, mum.

As the name suggests, baby food pouches are pureed baby food packed in a pouch. Life's a breeze when you don’t have to crack your head over what combinations work and actually get around to making the purees.

The smooth texture and squeeze packaging makes baby food pouches so convenient. Pop some in your diaper bag and soothe your wailing baby anytime and anywhere. All you have to do is twist a cap and your baby can feed on it on his/her own.

Gone are the days of lugging around flasks and washing bowls and spoons when you’re out.

The best baby food pouches: Small in size, big in nutritional benefits

best baby food pouches

Baby food pouches may be small in size but they are packed with nutritional goodness. Choose from a plethora of options that include fruit and vegetable purees such as “Smooth Pear & Apricot”, “Spinach, Apple, Broccoli, Pea” and “Banana, Pear, Mango”. Often organic and sugar-free, Rafferty’s Garden pouches and snacks are not only ideal when introducing solids to your baby but also filled with Vitamin A, C, B1 & B2 that can help to improve immunity in general. Also, having a baby food pouch with you means that you are far less likely to offer your baby unhealthy snacks like chips, sweets and chocolates.

But while all of this sounds good, make no mistake, because not all baby food pouches are created equal! Many of the food pouches that claim to be healthy might actually contain high levels of sugar and preservatives that are obviously not good for your baby.

And because you want the best for your baby, it’s important to be discerning in your choice of baby food. That’s why we’re here to tell you about Rafferty’s Garden.

Rafferty’s Garden Pouches

best baby food pouches

Unlike some baby food pouches that are high in sugar and loaded with preservatives, Rafferty’s Garden pouches promises delicious and nutritious food and nothing else. The brand was founded on three key principles – taste, transparency and natural, and it believes that healthy, natural, REAL food is not only the best, but the tastiest as well. Baby food doesn’t always have to be bland.

There are no artificial additives, preservatives, salt, sugar, juices, concentrates and definitely no genetically modified ingredients!

Plus, your baby will never get bored with the wide variety of food pouches that Rafferty’s Garden has to offer. For more product info click here

There’s something for every little belly

The Best Baby Food Pouches Are Made With All-natural Ingredients And Nothing Else

As testimony to the brand’s promise, Rafferty Garden has taken the gold medal in the prestigious Baby Bounty Awards for 2019, based on the votes of Australian mums for their favourite baby products. Rafferty’s Garden took the top spot for the Sweet Potato, Carrot & NOTHING ELSE product and bronze for the Apple & Raspberry snack bars.

Incorporating Rafferty’s Garden Pouches in Your Baby’s Diet

The Best Baby Food Pouches Are Made With All-natural Ingredients And Nothing Else

The possibilities are endless with Rafferty’s Garden pouches. You can start by introducing the food pouches on their own and progress to incorporating them with food that you cook.

For the younger babies, add the contents of the fruit pouches to porridge, pancakes and pudding. For slightly older babies, you can mix it with meat to make casseroles, quiches and whatever you please. Babies love the flavour of fruit so it makes new tastes, flavours and textures more palatable for them.

And if you ever run out of ideas, the Raffety’s Garden website has a host of recipes to get you going!

What’s more, if you’re looking to get your baby started on weaning, you can get your baby to start feeding on their own—without the worry of choking or making a huge mess—using these pouches. And unlike baby food that are made tastier with salt, sugar and preservatives, Rafferty’s Garden keeps it au naturel, so your baby won’t reject new food that you introduce!

Mums, if you’re all set to introduce your baby to solids, now you know exactly where to get started. Get your hands on some of Rafferty’s Garden pouches and feed your baby with the peace of mind that you are offering them healthy, wholesome and nutritious food—and nothing else.

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