10 Remedies for Sore or Cracked Nipples During Breastfeeding

10 Remedies for Sore or Cracked Nipples During Breastfeeding

Nipple pain is the most common complaint among breastfeeding women. It occurs due to incorrect latch on technique or poor positioning. It’s important to seek help as soon as possible to learn the proper technique of latching on. Here's a look at what could be causing your discomfort and how to get relief.

Here is a list of treatments you can try to soothe those sore nipples.


Breast shell may be worn in between feeding to protect the sore nipple from rubbing against clothing.


Nurse frequently (every 2 hours) so that your baby will not feed aggressively when too hungry.


Use a lanolin nipple cream to heal your sore and cracked nipples. Try this Mama's Choice Intensive Nipple cream out – it uses 100% natural food-grade ingredients as well, so you don't need to worry about washing it off before breastfeeding.


Pepermint cream has also been found to be effective.


Just a few minutes before feeding, you can pump a few times so that your nipple elongates making it easier for your baby to feed.


Heat (hot washcloth, hot water bottle) applied to the nipple immediately after nursing may prevent or decrease the reaction. Dry heat is usually better than wet heat, because wet heat may cause further damage to the nipples.


Do not wash your nipples frequently. Daily bathing is more than enough.


Applying warm and wet teabags to your nipple after nursing--it's soothing.


Take a painkiller about 30 minutes before feeding, if the pain is usually severe. (paracetamol or ibuprofen)


Your last resort will be to see the doctor if all your efforts are to no avail.

Bonus tip!

A little known but highly effective way is to use nipple shields. These cover your nipple and areola and protects the delicate tissue from the bite of the baby. Remember though, these are to be used temporarily. So read the instructions carefully when you use these.

10 Remedies for Sore or Cracked Nipples During Breastfeeding


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