Circus lion breaks through netting and slashes four-year-old girl's face

Circus lion breaks through netting and slashes four-year-old girl's face

Her back was turned when the lion attacked her...

Circus shows are popular among families, especially those with young children.  The entertainment value in these shows lie in the acts: trapeze artists, clowns, daredevil stunts-people, and of course, the animals. But there is a risk in taking your children to the circus, especially if it involves animals. 

Many circuses nowadays have drastically reduced the use of animals in their acts because it is cruel and old-fashioned. The few that continue to use animals, have mostly seen more negative than positive results. One of those results is that there are many circus accidents with animals that occur.

Circus accidents with animals: Lion pounces on child

circus accidents with animals

Source: Youtube

In a very distressing case recently, a four-year-old girl was hurt in a circus meant for young children, when a lion from the act pounced on her, digging its claws into her face. The incident occurred in Southern Russia, according to the Straits Times.

The girl was rushed to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. A video, which seems to be taken by a member of the audience, was shown on television. It showed the lion, leashed by a lion tamer, suddenly pouncing on the child, who was standing near the ring, only separated by a loose netting. 

The girl had her back to the lioness. She sustained lacerations to her face as well as other injuries caused by the lion’s paw. Watch the video taken here, but viewer discretion is advised. 

Circus accidents with animals not uncommon in Russia

circus accidents with animals

Source: Pixabay

This is not the first time that circus accidents with animals have occurred in Russia. In fact, circus attacks are a regular occurrence there, where acts using wild animals are poorly regulated. In 2012, two major cases were reported in which a cheetah attacked a seven-year-old boy in Moscow, and a tiger clawed a three-year-old boy in the head in eastern Russia.

An Investigative Committee has launched a probe into safety breaches at performances intended for young children. They have also since detained the director of this particular circus, who could face up to six years in prison, if found guilty.

Russian media said the the circus involved was Mondial, based in the southern city of Rostov-on-Don.

Alternative forms of entertainment for your child

Circuses can be fun and there are plenty of options out there that do not involve animals. The world renowned Cirque du Soleil is a shining example of an animal-cruelty-free circus. As the largest theatrical producer in the world, it’s a show not to be missed whenever it is in town.

But if the circus isn’t in town, then there are plenty of other entertainment options for children to consider. If you’re wondering where else to take your kids, here are some ideas.

1. Local children’s plays

The Esplanade often has plays, and sometimes for free, that are kid-friendly. Just look up their timetable to find out what’s showing and when! 

2. Night Safari or River Safari

If your children insist on seeing animals, and you’re getting tired of taking them to the zoo during the day, then try taking them to the Night Safari, where they can experience creatures of the night. The River Safari is also a good choice to learn about different types of animals you typically wouldn’t find elsewhere. 

3. Farmart Animal Corner

Your animal-loving children will also find joy in going to Farmart Animal Corner where they can be up close and personal with the animals during feeding sessions. Take them on a farm tour so they can learn more about agriculture too! 

4. Fire Station Open Days

Did you know that fire stations (except Jurong Island’s) in Singapore open every Saturday from 9am to 11am to the public? Fulfill your child’s firefighting dreams by taking them to the fire station for a real encounter with fire fighting gear and more!

Avoid circus accidents with animals from happening to your kids by taking them to these fun alternatives instead! 

Remember: wild animals are best left in the wild, in their own natural environments, not as entertainment for humans. 

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