Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay presents PLAYtime! Koko The Great

Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay presents PLAYtime! Koko The Great

Koko has been warned by his mother of the dangers of crossing the river, but being confined to his village is making his adventurous spirit restless.

Experience the magic of theatre at Esplanade’s PLAYtime! series –Koko the Great (11 – 27 Aug). Originally written by Natalie Hennedige and illustrated by Twisstii. Koko the Great’s story was inspired by the oil painting Life by the River, by Singaporean artists Liu Kang.


Every day when Koko’s mother leaves for the market, she tells him that he must never go beyond the river because of the dangers that lurk outside the safe boundaries of their kampong.


Koko waits for his mother to leave, and then, as soon as he’s alone, his imagination goes wild! Donning a pot as a helmet and brandishing a spatula as his sword, Koko transforms himself into Koko the Great and runs all over the kampong looking for adventures with his animal friends.  Children will love watching Koko’s silly behaviour!

The question is, will Koko disobey his mother and cross the river?! You’ll have to go see it to find out!


Join Koko the Great and his animal puppet friends as they sing and dance around the colourful kampong with help from the audience.

Join Koko in this terrific adventure story and discover if he goes beyond the river!


Esplanade strives to create programming that is accessible for everyone. To that extent, they will also have sensory-friendly performances of Koko the Great which have been specially designed for children who are on the autism spectrum or have other sensory sensitivities.

Coming soon at Esplanade Theatre Studio from 11-27 Aug, 2017. Book your tickets now at

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