Boy, Girl or Twins for Princess Kate?

Boy, Girl or Twins for Princess Kate?

Princess Kate is pregnant! Will it be a boy, girl or twins for the blissful royal couple? Also we check some possible names that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge might consider for their royal baby.


Prince William and Princess Kate

Bundles of joy for the royal couple

The whole world probably knows about Princess Kate’s pregnancy already and now, it’s time to speculate whether the royal baby will be  a boy, girl or maybe even twins?

Due date
The royal baby is estimated to be born in the Summer of 2013 and everyone, myself included, is wondering what that little prince or princess will be called.

Popular choices for girls
Probably the most obvious choice would be either Diana, in tribute to Prince William’s mother or Elizabeth, in tribute to the ruling monarch of the UK. Current popular names in the UK and US are Isabella, Emma, Olivia and Sophia. All beautiful names for the future Princess.

Popular choices for boys
We can’t discount the obvious choice of William the second if it’s a boy or even Phillip after William’s grandfather. Other royal names that have been choice picks for the monarchy are Edward, Henry, Charles and Andrew. All popular, proper and historically rich names.

Other names that have been trending this year include Liam, Ethan and Noah but this might be too contemporary or modern for the royal family.

If Princess Kate turns out to be pregnant with twins, it would be double joy for the royal couple and family. Also they would have more choices in the name department.

  1. Eugene and Eugenia (boy – girl fraternal twins)
  2. Anne and Annabel (identical twin girls)
  3. Victor and Victoria (boy – girl fraternal twins)
  4. Richard and Charles (identical twin boys)

My personal favourites
If it’s a girl, I think Grace would be an apt name for the baby as it quickly brings to mind the classic elegance and poise of Grace Kelly and historically the name Grace means favour, blessing and it’s also a virtuous name meaning grace from God.

It would also be a sweet gesture to name the baby (if it’s a girl) Diana as a nod to Prince William’s deceased mother who was loved by the world. The name Diana means luminous and perfect, definitely a wonderful name for a princess.

If it were a boy, I would recommend Alexander as it is both a historically strong name (Alexander the Great) and the meaning, defender of man, could not be more perfect for the future King of England.

Here are some suggestions from our very own AsianParent readers

Daisy de Guzman: Clarion.

Diane Timbang Cariaga: Kathelyn Will (Unisex name)

Dyni Tacrip : Diana

Chia Ying : Victoria

Kris Galima : Katharina Alexandria for girl for boy James Henry Alexander

Flores Sally : Genivive for girl Brian Patrick for the boy

Adelyn Takiawan Torres : i want Fazhieva Kate

Also tell us if you think the royal baby will be a boy, girl or maybe even twins!

Photo credit: LiliGraphie/Shutterstock


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Wafa Marican

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