Twins pregnancy labour story

Twins pregnancy labour story

Heard through the grapevines of theAsianparent’s forum, we bring you a rather interesting and true labour story of twins.

A story on twin pregnancy

A story on twin pregnancy

It was an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy. I did two pregnancy tests with home kits and both results were positive, but I was still skeptical, until I went to the clinic and was confirmed pregnant!

In my first monthly routine check-up, the doctor scanned my tummy and gave us another surprise. He smiled to me and said that I was having twins! My reaction? I was Speechless! We were extremely happy and excited! I thanked God for this special gift!

My first thought about having twins was that everything was going to be double – the happiness, love and of course also the burden for a first-time mother. However, initially I wasn’t worried, until my husband and I realised how we would have to buy everything in pairs and that would be double the expenses too.

As soon as that realisation hit, I began collecting second-hand clothes, baby walkers, infant car seats and other baby paraphernalia from relatives. I also started to read up to gain knowledge on pregnancy, as well as breastfeeding.

In my fourth month, my stomach started showing. After consulting with my doctor, my husband and I traveled abroad for a holiday as we had earlier planned. We really had a wonderful time!

By the 5th month, due to the heavy load I was carrying, I begun walking like a penguin. Every few steps, I needed to rest. Around the 6th month, rashes broke out all over my body. It started from my tummy then progressed to my legs and hands. It made me very itchy and uncomfortable. Of course, I had to bear the itch to avoid scars on my skin.

I went to see doctor, took the medicines and even had a shot. But all proved futile. It made me worry about my babies but the doctors assured me of their well-being. I also tried other methods like applying special powder for rashes, bathing with ‘washed rice’ water etc, which is believed to reduce itchiness.

Double the Joy

In my last trimester, I decided to have spinal anaesthesia as I wanted to witness my babies’ birth and be the first person to welcome them. As I watched my twins in the arms of the nurse, I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy! The doctor and nurse were kind enough to lean the twins to peck me on the cheek! I’ll never forget that moment!

My only regret? Not breastfeeding my twins, even though I was ready and had done surveys on experienced mothers and read everything there was on breastfeeding in magazines. Overall, I gained 20kg during my pregnancy. I found my pregnancy journey wonderful as I had no morning sickness at all! Also, I had no odd cravings for food. Despite the big ‘balloon’ I was carrying, life was pretty normal during my pregnancy.

My twins were born a minute apart and weighed 2.45 kg and 2.55 kg, respectively.

Editor’s Note: This article was edited for clarity and length.

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