10 Extraordinary Uses For Baby Wipes (For Mums, Not Just Bums!)

10 Extraordinary Uses For Baby Wipes (For Mums, Not Just Bums!)

Baby wipes are so versatile!

When you become a mum, many items you never even knew existed before become your best friend. 

Baby wipes fall into this category. 

They are a mum's go-to for all kinds of baby-related emergencies, from the obvious bum wiping, to cleaning messy little hands and faces.

But other than for child-related tasks, you'll be very surprised at just how versatile the humble baby wipe is. 

Check out these genius baby wipe uses for mums that are not just about cleaning little bums and faces!

1. Remove stains from clothes, carpets and upholstery 

There's nothing worse than seeing scribbles all over your white leather sofa, or a stain on your new carpet. And what about grimy little fingers stains left all over your new dress (because of course, it is used as a napkin by your child)? 

Instead of scrubbing madly at these stains with a sponge, use those baby wipes that are conveniently lying on your dining room table. You'll be surprised at what efficient stain removers they are!

2. Clean your keyboard

Your keyboard can accumulate heaps of dirt and germs. But cleaning it could be the last thing on your list of to-do's as a busy mum because how often do you remember to write 'keyboard cleaning wipes' on your shopping list? 

Just use baby wipes, mums - super convenient and it really gets all the grime and dust off easily. 

3. Polish your handbag and shoes. 

You don't have to use spit to clean that yoghurt stain on your beautiful handbag anymore! Just use a babywipe to clean the surface of your bag, to leave it looking clean and shiny-new. The same goes for your shoes. Baby wipes are great at giving them a quick clean-up and buff. 

4. Remove your makeup 

We're about to tell you one of the fashion industry's best-kept secrets: use baby wipes to gently lift makeup and grime off your face at the end of the day! You're saving money by not having to specifically buy make-up removing wipes and also, baby wipes are always available, making it a very convenient option.  

5. DIY drawer refreshers

To keep your drawers and linen cupboard smelling gorgeous, cut up some squares of baby wipes, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil (I suggest lavender) and pop them in your drawers. They will keep your clothes and linen smelling fresh. 

6. No more fur balls

Forget about laboriously brushing your pet every day to prevent them shedding their fur all over your house. Just rub a baby wipe over them from time to time. It'll pick up all that loose fur in a flash, plus it'll have your pet smelling as fresh as a daisy.

7. Get rid of deo stains

How often have you rushed that black top over your head before your deodorant dried out completely, only to be left with unsightly looking streaks all over your top? 

Baby wipes to the rescue - just run one over the deo stain and watch it vanish just like that. 

8. Clean your car windows

Got bird poop on your windscreen? No problem, just grab a baby wipe (which ALL mums have in their cars!) and clean it up. Simple!!

9. Soothe stressed skin

If you've been in the sun for a bit too long and find that your skin is red and burning, just pat a baby wipe over the irritated skin. It will help calm and soothe your skin until you can dab some aloe vera gel on it. 

10. Cuts and grazes

Baby wipes are great at quickly getting rid of dirt from shallow cuts or scrapes when running water is not present, and before you can get some antiseptic cream on it. Because they're so gentle, they don't make the wound smart or sting, but still effectively (and quickly) remove dirt. 

So there you have it mums and dads. Did you ever think those baby wipes could be used for so many other things? Go stock up on them right now! And don't forget to tell us if we've left out any uses. 


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