6 Easy cleaning tips and tricks you should try asap

6 Easy cleaning tips and tricks you should try asap

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier! Check out these great tips and tricks!

The internet is filled to the brim with some amazing tips and tricks, and life hacks. Some of them are…questionable at best, but others are fairly useful and easy to try!

BuzzFeed just shared a great collection of cleaning tips that’ll help you with some basic cleaning tasks you handle on a weekly basis. The list was so practical and simple that we knew our readership of hard working parents would love it.

Check out some these amazing (and easy) cleaning tips and tricks that you need to try asap!

1.Dust the top of your furniture and cabinets, then put down a layer of wax paper to catch dust in the future.

Source: Nancy Andrews/thisoldhouse.com

Source: Nancy Andrews/thisoldhouse.com

The best way to clean is to avoid having to clean at all! This simple trick will eliminate the need to dust as much as you typically do. It’s simple, affordable, and a great way to lighten the load of cleaning the house. You can read more about Jennifer Stimpson’s “deflection” techniques here.


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2. Pull all the hair out of your brushes, then clean your brushes with warm water and baking soda

cleaning 2

This one is simple, taking roughly 10 minutes, but requires a few steps. You can read the detailed instructions here. In essence, you’ll need to find a tool (chopstick, bobby pin, etc.) to dig up as much hair from the brush that you can. Next, you’ll cut a seam in the bundle of hair with a pair of scissors. Finally, rinse the brush in a solution of baking soda, toothpaste, and shampoo and scrub the brush with an unused toothbrush.


3. Steam-clean your microwave with lemon juice, water, and a sponge

For the cleanest microwave imaginable, slice up a lemon then quirt the juice into a bowl filled with water. Microwave the mixture (with lemon wedges) for about 3 minutes. Once finished heating keep the door closed! Leave the bowl in the microwave for 5 minutes to cool down. Open the door up and scrub away with a sponge, rag, or paper towel!


4. Sprinkle baking soda on your couch (or fabric chairs), let sit for about half an hour, then vacuum it all up

cleaning couch

Source: Sarah Lipoff/popsugar.com

If you wanna make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs. Well, to clean a couch, you’ve gotta…pour baking soda all over it. Yes, it sounds nuts but you can use this technique to make your couch look brand new again! Baking soda helps release lurking smells and break up stains in the fabric. If you sprinkle it on a fabric couch and let it rest for 20 minutes, then vacuum it up, your couch will smell and look fresh. Read more about the cleaning tip here.

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5. Switch out your sponge for a new one, then use an oversized binder clip to let it air dry every time you’re done using it

cleaning sponge

Source: Twitter/@clorox

Sometimes it’s easy to overuse a sponge. Well, they need to be changed, or cleaned as much. Especially considering all the food and bacteria they’re exposed to. The best way to get most use out of a sponge is to make sure you rinse it out with hot water and let air properly air dry. As you can see in the photo above, a binder slip can be used to make sure your sponge air dries as effectively as possible, and eliminates the chance for excess bacteria to build up.


6. Run white vinegar through your coffee maker or Keurig to descale and clean it

cleaning coffee maker


Even if it smells a bit funky for a little while, there’s no denying the cleaning power of vinegar. With a fair share of water, you can clean out your coffee maker and make cleaner and more effective than ever! If you have a coffee pot, click here for more. If you have a Keurig (or something similar), click here.


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