Mother Reveals the Greatest Baby Wipe Hack You've Ever Heard

Mother Reveals the Greatest Baby Wipe Hack You've Ever Heard

One mum said she was "mind-blown" after she found out about it!

Ever struggle with getting a baby wipe from the pack? As useful as they are, they can be a pain in the behind. Especially when you’re trying to clean up a writhing baby who’s sat in his/her own poop.

Under these high-pressure situations, all you want is to draw a single wet wipe to clean up the mess. Instead, you create more when the whole family comes out of the packet.

However, the time of grouped up baby wipes is a thing of the past after one mother in the UK reveals this amazing baby wipe hack to get a single wet wipe reliably, every single time!

Baby wipe hack discovered by accident

baby wipe hack

Lauren Martin found this life hack by accident. | Image source: Hull Daily Mail

Lauren Martin posted her discovery in the Facebook group The Motherload on how to successfully get a single wipe from the pack every time.

The 29-year-old mother of one revealed in the midst of the diaper duty, she accidentally tore the thin plastic surrounding the hole.

“I ripped it by mistake at one side and pulled one out and it ripped off the side and I thought ‘well this is a bit like if you’re using cling film.”

To her surprise, she found she could pull out one wipe fully as intended instead of a handful of them

Lauren couldn’t contain her happiness when she shared with the group, “my son is 19 months and I’m ONLY just “discovering” that if you fully rip open wipes they’ll come out one by one and not a whole bunch that string out while I’m trying to change a dirty nappy and undo a wipe with my double chins.”

At first, she was unsure if this was just common knowledge and she was late to the party.

“This may or may not be known and I’m a tit… but I felt I had to share,” she wrote.

However, she wasn’t prepared to see the huge impact her small but mighty tip had on the mummy community.

Mind-blowing baby wipe hack labelled a “game-changer”

baby wipe hack

It’s as simple as tearing the sides! | Image source: Hull Daily Mail

Over 1,000 mummies reacted to Lauren’s post with 400 comments being left.

One mother let her know just how amazing the tip was. “I’ve been a parent for over ten years and I have never heard of this!! Mind blown!!”

That mother wasn’t alone, either, as a mother-of-three replied, “Three kids later, did not know, thanks.”

Many mothers commented just how useful this was while changing nappies, especially since babies are wriggling around.

“OMG thank you for this! I’m often changing my son’s bottom and holding his legs fighting his escape while having what seems like a ninja attack with the baby wipes as they come out in a long line of wipes! I’m flapping about like a nutter,” thanked one mum.

It was so helpful that one mum advocated for this hack to be part of the instruction on the pack!

Lauren told Hull Daily Mail how genuinely surprised she was by the feedback.

“I never thought the post would get this reaction. I thought either it wouldnt get a reaction or that people would have known and I was just late to the news, I usually I am.”

5 different ways you can use baby wipes

baby wipe hack

There are so many uses for baby wipes! | Image source: iStock

Who knew that with a small adjustment it would solve all of your diaper changing issues (well, at least the cleaning part anyway!)

You can also use baby wipes for other functions, too! Put the baby wipe hack you just learnt into use in different situations!

1. Removing your makeup 

After a night out or coming home from work, you might not have time to fully clean off all your make up.

If that’s you, just use a baby wipe to wipe off the grease and lift makeup.

It’ll save you on makeup remover and is on hand any time of the day!

2. DIY drawer refreshers

Need to do a spot of spring cleaning? After you wipe down your drawers, cut up your baby wipes into small squares and add a few drops of essential oil.

Leave the squares in your drawers. Et voila! Your clothes are left smelling fresh for a while!

3. Car window cleaner

Bird poop is very annoying since it can happen at any time.

But with your new trick, just grab one baby wipe and wipe it off! 

4. Soothe stressed skin

Being in the sun too long causes irritated skin, especially for your baby! A baby wipe helps to soothe the skin. 

For additional treatment, apply some aloe vera gel on it.

Consult your paediatrician to find out which products are safe for your baby’s skin.

5. Cuts and grazes

baby wipe hack

They’re great for cleaning cuts or just cleaning in general | Image source: iStock

Your baby can pick up nicks and scratches from his/her nails, or from falling over. Before you run water over the wounds, use a baby wipe to pick up any debris or dirt that’s lodged in the grazes and cuts.

Putting antiseptic cream will sting less after you wipe it down. It also ensures the wound is fully clean before treating it.


Everyone who’s struggled with getting just a single baby wipe need not worry anymore after trying this amazing baby wipe hack! Now you can take just the single wipe as you wanted, you can use it for so many things without wasting any other sheets that grouped together!

Let us know if you tried this baby wipe hack and if it worked!

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