8 Annoying Smells in Your Household and How to Get Rid of Them!

8 Annoying Smells in Your Household and How to Get Rid of Them!

These simple hacks will help you get rid of those persistently annoying smells in your household, in a breeze!

Household smells develop in all kinds of different places. Since we don’t know how to get rid of them, we quickly turn to hard chemicals! But did you know that even tea bags and cat litter can work wonders in fighting the smells?

Singapore’s leading home cleaning platform Helpling reveals how to permanently get rid of these 8 smells in your apartment – without high costs and chemicals!

1.Frying smell

You have aired all rooms, but the smell of the fried fish or egg and sausage breakfast you had this morning still lingers in the apartment? Next time, look ahead by placing a bowl with vinegar in the kitchen before you start cooking your food.

The vinegar absorbs the smell and hinders it from spreading to different rooms. In case you forgot to take preventive action beforehand: Simply distribute small bowls with ground coffee - and nothing reminds you of your last meal.

2. Sports shoes

8 Annoying Smells in Your Household and How to Get Rid of Them!

The smell of your favourite sneakers almost makes you faint when taking them off? The responsible smell source is easily identified: sweat! However, ventilating them is only a short-term solution that does not solve the actual problem.

To imbibe the moisture, place dry tea bags (new or used!) in the toe-caps instead. These also distribute the fresh aroma of your favourite tea and get rid of the smelly odour.

3. Rubbish bin

No matter how many times we take out the rubbish bag - the mouldy smell often remains. It originates from the liquids and fermentation processes of the waste.

Therefore, first thoroughly wash the bin with washing-up liquid and vinegar cleaner. After that, put some cat litter on the bottom of the bin and place the bag on top. The litter continuously soaks up the moisture. As soon as it lumps, simply exchange it with a new one - and your home no longer smells like compost!

4. Smoke

8 Annoying Smells in Your Household and How to Get Rid of Them!

The evening ended up with more guests than expected and you got persuaded. Despite your reluctance, you allowed your friends to smoke in the apartment? That has consequences!

Smoke is persistent and rarely leaves the room through open windows. Unfortunately, there is no magical household remedy - only one thing really helps: Wash your curtains, pillows, and blankets at 30 degrees on fine wash - and the pub atmosphere is gone!

5. Fridge

8 Annoying Smells in Your Household and How to Get Rid of Them!

Leftover food or forgotten fruit can be enough to ruin our appetite when opening the fridge. First of all, remove the malefactor and clean the spot with vinegar cleaner. Then sprinkle salt on a fresh lemon slice and place it in the fridge. The salty-sour combination absorbs smells on the spot! Replace it with a new lemon slice after about four days.

6. Toilet

Who doesn’t know it? The smell after the business lets you hope that nobody else wants to enter the bathroom after you. No need to lock yourself in - simply light a few matches!

The sulphur odour effectively distracts from all other smells. In case you want to create a pleasant bathroom atmosphere at home, light candles. These have the same effect as matches and look homey as well!

7. Sink

Glasses and pots are all washed up, the sink is clean - but mouldy smells are still coming from the drain? For the sake of the environment, abstain from chemicals! The natural solution: pour hot water and afterward half a cup of baking powder as well as vinegar in the drain.

After about 10 minutes, wash the foaming miracle mixture away with one litre of boiling water - and the smell plus pipe clogging are gone!

8. Garlic smell on the hands

You have washed your hands several times, but the garlic smell remains? No reason to despair! Simply rub your wet hands on a surface of stainless steel, such as your sink or the fridge.

As an alternative, you can resort to an old household remedy: Dip your hands in a bowl of milk and leave them there for a few minutes. That way, the persistent smell is driven off and you are left with soft, nourished skin.

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