Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

Heartbreaking story of a woman who tweeted an accident in an effort to warn other drivers - unknown to her it was the accident that killed her husband.

Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

Scene of the accident in Salmon Creek Vancouver, Canada. Photo Source: katu.com

Tweeting about everything is a rising trend with many of us following various people’s tweet updates. Though many tweets these days are arbitrary, some can be very helpful to others. One such avid tweeter’s worst nightmare came true while she was tweeting about a traffic hold up to help others.

Salmon Creek local, Caran Johnson, who would tweet regular traffic updates to allow her almost 600 (at the time) followers, had unknowingly tweeted about the fatal accident her husband was involved in.

Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

Sequence of tweets regarding the accident. Photo Source: katu.com

It started off as it normally would, with Johnson picking up the news of a collision on a highway of which she would tweet, giving her followers a much needed heads-up.

As the tweets continue over a four-hour period, you start to notice the change in her tone as she begins to worry after realizing that the route the accident took place on is the same route her husband used regularly to commute home from work.

Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

Here you can see Johnson’s growing concern. Photo Source: katu.com

After some time she reveals that she is highly concerned as she had called her husband’s workplace and they mentioned he had left early and was not feeling so good. She feared he might have had a seizure, being epileptic.

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Johnson later tweets that she had called the police and it was indeed her husband and he was not fortunate enough to have survived. She still managed to thank everyone for the influx of condolences and prayers before promising to reply later on.

Currently, she is receiving thousands of well wishes and replies from sympathetic users who have heard of her story.

Woman unknowingly tweets about husband’s death

The horrible realisation hits her finally. Photo Source: katu.com

It seems unfair that such tragic things happen to such good people. The irony of the situation is undoubtedly heart wrenching. The fact that Caran Johnson took the time and effort to warn those on the road of accidents and traffic hold ups out of the goodness of her heart makes your heart sink even further.

Stories such as this one, remind us how fragile life really is. You never know what could happen in the mere span of a couple of hours. So remember to cherish the people in your lives and be thankful for everyday you have with them.

Our hearts go out to Caran Johnson and her children and the loss of a husband and father that they have suffered.

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Sonia Pasupathy

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