Singaporean housewife involved in fatal bus accident!

Singaporean housewife involved in fatal bus accident!

With traffic accidents on the rise in Singapore, now isn't the time to be complacent. For the latest update on yesterday's fatal accident on Clementi Avenue 3 and key road safety tips for kids, read on.

Road accident kills Singaporean woman Find out how good road safety practices can save your child's life!

A Singaporean housewife believed to be in her 40s, identified in reports as Madam Zhang Huirui, was run over by an SBS Transit double-decker bus at Clementi Avenue 3 and killed yesterday morning.

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Death by dragging

The incident is said to have occurred a little after 7:00 am on Tuesday, when the victim was reportedly using the pedestrian crossing at the said intersection. The bus was turning onto Clementi Avenue 3 from Commonwealth Avenue West at the time.

The tragic traffic accident saw the woman hit and dragged for at least five metres before the transporter vehicle, under which she was pinned, came to a complete stop.

While the police and paramedics were quick to report to the scene, the accident victim was pronounced dead on site at 7:50 am. With the investigation still on-going, the details of what transpired and whether the accident was caused by human error or mechanical malfunction are yet to be determined.

However, the bus company has confirmed that the Singaporean driver in question has been suspended from all driving duties, pending the outcome of the investigation.

A tragic end

Although further information on the deceased such as where she had come from prior to the accident remains presently unavailable, it was established that the victim’s family was contacted by the authorities without delay and notified of the occurrence.

A man dressed in a purple t-shirt spotted at the scene, is understood to be the victim’s husband. Reports suggest that he slipped into a daze upon arrival and was later escorted away by the officers on duty to be appropriately attended to. The accident which left him in shock, rendered him speechless for the most part.

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Condolences to the bereaved

SBS Transit’s Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications, Ms Tammy Tan was quoted as saying: “We are very sorry that this has happened and our foremost priority is to get in touch with the (victim’s) family to express our deepest condolences, and to render assistance as best we can during this very difficult time.”

She added that the company is assisting the police in their investigations. There is indication that the police are also seeking the co-operation and assistance of a 47-year-old bus driver.

Instilling road safety in children

Parents, you should be very concerned! With traffic accidents (many of them leading to fatal outcomes) on the rise in Singapore, awareness and caution need to be instilled in your children — now more than ever. Whether it’s cycling to school, getting off a bus, or crossing the street, our little ones need to be taught to be extra vigilant when faced with real-time road traffic conditions.

Observing proper road safety measures and obeying standard traffic rules and regulations are of utmost importance, especially at a time like this. One can never be too careful or predict someone else’s silly mistake.

Crossing the street

Here are a few basic steps to help educate junior on road safety:

  • When using a pedestrian crossing, obey the traffic light and cross only when green for crossing.
  • Before crossing the street, look to the right, left and right again to determine if it’s safe.
  • Stop, look and go. Don’t run haphazardly — the road is no playground.
  • If an older child is present, he must ensure the safety of all younger road users—hold hands.
  • Always pay attention to where you’re headed and keep your eyes forward when crossing.
  • Be mindful of potential danger at all times so that in an emergency, there’s time to act.
  • Adults must never let their little children cross a street un-chaperoned.
  • Use the sidewalk and stay off busy streets with oncoming traffic.
For more on road safety, get your tots to watch this video: 

Don’t be a menace on the road!

These are just some basic rules to follow when crossing the street. The same level of caution and attention is advised for children on bicycles. For those driving, please operate your vehicle safely and don't speed to ensure you do not endanger other people. Stay safe!

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