Child Safety: Buckle up!

Child Safety: Buckle up!

Car seats are very important for your children when it comes to road safety. Read our car seat guide to learn what you should note when purchasing and using car seats!

Child car safety

Child car safety

How many times have you noticed children either standing or playing in the back seat of a moving vehicle?

Why are these kids not belted up and restrained? you ask yourself, not because you are annoyed with them for being hyperactive and naughty but because it is extremely dangerous that they are not strapped up!

Why are car seats important?

The World Health Organisation’s (WHO) Manual on ‘Seat Belts and Child Restraints’ emphasises the importance of restraining your child while driving.  This is because a child up to 4 years of age has a 50% lower risk of injury in a forward-facing child restraint and 80% lower risk in a rear-facing seat in the case of an accident.

The manual further states that during a collision, car seats protect your children from injury in the following manners:

  1. preventing your child from being ejected from the vehicle
  2. distributing the forces of a crash over the strongest parts of your child’s body, with minimum damage to the soft tissues.
  3. reducing the risk of contact with the interior of the vehicle.

Car seats are also very important during non-collision events as they can protect your children when the car suddenly jerks to a stop or when the car door accidentally opens while the car is still in motion

Moreover, it is against the Singapore Law if your child is not properly buckled up!  The traffic law dictates that all children under 8 years old has to be strapped in with an age appropriate child restrain – booster seat, car seat or seat buckle.   First-time offenders can be fined up to $1,000 or jailed for up to three months upon conviction.

Choose the right type of car seat for your child!


“I don’t know if I should get a booster seat or a toddler seat for my 2-year-old!” ponders Fiona Chan.

The answer lies in the weight of your child. However, most use their child’s age as an easier gauge to choose car seats.

It is safest for an infant from zero to nine months old to be strapped in an infant seat that is rear facing.

From one to four years of age, a forward facing car seat called the toddler seat is most appropriate. Some car seats nowadays can be used in both rear facing and forward facing positions and therefore accommodate children from zero to four years old. These seats are called convertible car seats.

A booster seat is best for children who are more than four years old. Most children usually use the booster seat until they are around eight years of age.

Never neglect your car seat instruction manual!


Not only does the instruction manual that comes with your car seat tell you how to fix your car seat so that it is safe for your child, it also has other significant information like the following:

1)    The expiration date

This date is usually six years from the date of manufacture. Car seats should not be used after the expiration date as safety standards change over time and wear & tear renders your car seat unsafe.

2)    The proper way to place your child in the car seat

3)    How to take care of your car seat

4)    How to stow your car seat away

Remember to check if the car seat fits your car!




“Check if the seat you choose fits your car. There is no use getting the best seat only to realise it can’t even fit through the door!’ advises Francis Tan, 32, accountant.

Fix the car seat in your car and see if it is secure before purchasing it.

The safest place to install your car seat…

The centre of the rear seat is the safest place for your car seat to be installed, as it is farthest away from any side impact. If you have two or three children, try to place all of them at the back.

Car seats must never be used in the front seat as the close proximity to the air bag can result in severe injury or even death when an accident occurs. Air bags deploy at approximately 300km/h and the tremendous force this delivers to the child can be deadly.

Do install your car seat when using other modes of transport…

Flying to Paris for a holiday with your lil ones? Or simply just taking the cab down to town? It is best to take your car seat along with you even though cabs and buses are exempt from car seat laws.

Make sure your child gets used to the car seat!

You notice that your one-year-old daughter looks frightened and uncomfortable in the car seat. You start to panic! “Oh no! Maybe this car seat is not for her!”

It is advisable to get your child started on the car seat once he/she is born so as to minimise his/her discomfort.

“Since my son was trained to be in the car seat since day one, he makes no fuss when put into the car seat,” shares Wye Ee. “In fact, he enjoys being in it and admires the scenery while the car is moving.”

Some car seats we recommend!

With a variety of car seats on the market, it has indeed become difficult to choose the right one for your child. We’d like to make your job easier by recommending a few car seats you might be interested in.

This dad advises you to see if your car seat fits your car first!

This infant seat is compact and easy to store. The sun canopy feature it comes with is an added benefit.

Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix Infant Seat $360.00, Used for infants from the ages of 0-9 months, Available at Mothercare

The increased weight rating allows children of up to five-years-old to use this car seat. Not only is this car seat affordable, it is also pleasing to the eyes.

Evenflo Titan Elite $249.00, Used for children from the ages of 0-5, Available at Infantino

The cushions that come with extra padding are ultra soft and suitable for babies’ sensitive skin.

Evenflo Symphony $599.00, Used for children from the ages of 0-8, Available at Infantino

Safe ‘N’ Sound Premier $399.00, Used for children from the ages of 0-4, Available at Mothercare

Three seats in one- rear facing, forward facing and booster! This car seat will follow your child’s journey from his/her infant stage all the way till 8 years of age!

We hope you find your perfect car seat! team would also like to remind all parents to buckle up!

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