Why you need car insurance

Why you need car insurance

Whether you are transporting kids between school and home or taking the car on a road trip, safety is your main concern. The best way to ensure your peace of mind on the road is with car insurance.

Why you need car insurance

You may tell yourself that you don’t need car insurance but it can make a difference when something happens to your vehicle on the road. We examine the five most common reasons why drivers are resistant to the idea of car insurance:

1. Car insurance does not serve any immediate purpose

Maybe you view the regular payments on car insurance as inconvenient. But the price you pay now is nowhere as severe as what you would pay without car insurance. If something as insignificant as a dented bumper occurs and you have no insurance, you will be in a very complex and expensive situation.

2. I don’t need insurance as I’m a very careful driver

You may be a responsible driver but can you speak for the actions of other road users? It is not only drivers that can cause accidents -- pedestrians, animals and even being briefly distracted will affect your safety on the road. Don’t take any risks with the ‘Nothing will happen to me.” outlook.

3. I am confused about the types of available car insurance

This is a common problem because a confused person will not buy an insurance plan they do not understand. Talking to your financial adviser or insurance company is the best way to answer any questions have.

4. I can’t afford car insurance

Even though car insurance is not cheap you still need it. Don’t view your car insurance as an optional expenditure unless you can really afford to give up driving.

If you believe that you don't need car insurance think about what would happen to you if you got into an accident. Could you afford to not only lose your car but have to pay for damages to another person's car as well? Could you afford to pay a fine, lose your driver's license, your car or even face prosecution? Give yourself peace of mind and get insured. You and your family won’t be sorry.

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  • Inspection of all accident vehicles by MSIG Insurance within two working days upon receipt of workshop estimates

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