The essential pregnancy preparation checklist – from baby basics to healthcare and beyond

The essential pregnancy preparation checklist – from baby basics to healthcare and beyond

The cost of baby basics like diapers or milk can already be a burden. When you add healthcare costs, early education, or unexpected illness, the pricetag can be a cause for concern. Are you ready?

Now that you’ve discovered you’re pregnant, you will soon discover that raising a child in Singapore comes with a hefty price tag. If you haven’t done your research, we suggest you take a seat before you do.

You see, the cost of your baby’s most basic needs, like diapers and milk, can already be a burden. When you start adding on the cost of healthcare, early education and unexpected illness, you will be raising not one but both eyebrows!

But there’s no need to worry. Great Eastern has some solutions for expecting mums– and it’s all about planning and being prepared for the future.

Before we introduce you to these solutions for your bundle of joy, let’s go through that pregnancy preparation checklist.

Pregnancy Preparation Checklist: Baby Basics

The list of things to buy may seem a bit overwhelming but rest assured, babies need far less than you think. Here are five of the most important things that your newborn baby will need.

  1. Diapers – Disposable diapers are convenient, but reusable cloth diapers are cheaper in the long run.
  2. Milk bottles and a breast pump (if you’re planning to breastfeed) – Milk storage bags are also a good idea if you’re going to breastfeed.
  3. Newborn car seat – Do not underestimate the importance of this!
  4. A crib/co-sleeper/bassinet – Choose the one that best fits your sleeping arrangements.
  5. Swaddling blankets and clothes – Fight the temptation to buy every cute outfit you see.

Here’s an important tip: Because you won’t know your preferences (or your baby’s) until you get to know your newborn better, it’s better to wait before buying. Yes, it’s tempting to go on a massive shopping spree, but infants grow incredibly fast and they will often end up outgrowing much of what you buy even before they have a chance to use them!

So, don’t be in too much of a hurry! You won’t even need to buy it all because Great Eastern has some babylicious treats for you! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. More on that, later...

Pregnancy Preparation Checklist: The Unexpected

When putting together your preparation checklist, never underestimate the importance of preparing for the unexpected. The gravity of the situation cannot be overstated for a sudden illness or accident can really tear your world apart. While worrying cannot change what is to come, your best defense against adversity is being prepared. The last thing you need is a financial burden in addition to an incident.

Always be prepared.

pregnancy preparation checklist

Introducing: Great Eastern’s Great Bundle of Joy

Great Bundle of Joy is a special promotion that goes beyond insurance by welcoming your little arrival with these babylicious gifts:

  1. Free six months Personal Accident (PA) coverage for mum and newborn – This can help you to mitigate the impact of unexpected occurrences. It’s always a good idea to keep yourself prepared in these crucial early months.
  2. Free one year Mothercare VIP membership – This is your ticket to discounts on a wide array of mummy and baby essentials. It’s a great way to lighten those expenses and get the most from your shopping.
  3. Free three issues of The Singapore Women's Weekly digital magazine.
  4. The first 2,500 parents** who register will receive a Gift Set which includes a Baby Tote Bag with baby and mummy goodies.


*Promotion is for parents with newborn and/or expecting from 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2019. Click here for more information. Terms and Conditions apply.
** Offer is limited while stocks last.

Yes, welcoming a newborn is expensive. That’s why Great Eastern eases some of your financial burden with these awesome and functional goodies!

In addition, you can opt to purchase Flexi Maternity Cover that provides double assurance for both mother and baby. This is a comprehensive, standalone maternity insurance plan that offers reassuring cover in the event of Pregnancy Complications or congenital illnesses for the insured newborn from as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy. It even includes Zika coverage with Hospital Care Benefit (up to 30 days).

You can never be too prepared! Purchase now and get rewarded. Click here to find out more.

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Nasreen Majid

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