Planning travel insurance for your family

Planning travel insurance for your family

Traveling with your family overseas can be stressful. But with the proper planning and travel insurance your trip will be fun and worry free.

Whether you’re still browsing through brochures or at the flight-booking stage of your holiday, there is no such thing as too much planning. There are still things you need to bear in mind, especially something like a travel insurance. 

But what could they be? Well, worry not, we've got your covered. Here’s what to remember the next time before you travel:

1. Activities on holiday

Are you going camping or just visiting museums? When choosing travel insurance for your family you should bear in mind the activities planned for your trip, the frequency with which your family travels, and the information your insurer will need to insure your family. This will allow you to find a plan that is right for you.

2. Protect your possessions

Even though you’re covered by travel insurance, you must also do all you can to try and protect, save and recover your belongings that are lost, stolen or damaged.

You should also contact the travel policy’s medical and emergency assistance hotline if you need immediate help, notify the authorities in charge of the area and notify the insurance company as soon as possible.

3. Don’t scrimp on family travel insurance

It is expensive to travel as a family, however choose a cheaper plan of family travel insurance may mean that not all aspects of your trip abroad are covered.

To find the right travel insurance plan for you and your family you should compare more than two travel insurance plans.

4. Go through the fine details

When comparing plans look first to see that the plan will cover all the members of your family who are traveling together.

Also check if it provides coverage for items such as lost luggage, money and documents, possessions, medical and dental costs, and possibly rescue and repatriation charges.

5. Don’t invalidate your travel insurance claims

When choosing a travel insurance plan you should state all pre-existing medical conditions for yourself and your family. If any undisclosed records of these conditions are found after you have made a claim, your claim will be invalid.

The proper travel insurance plan will ensure that your family will be taken care of. Especially, in the event of an accident, or that you can replace lost possessions. It also gives you more ease of mind --letting you and your family enjoy your vacation.

Why TravellerShield?

TravellerShield is a comprehensive travel insurance plan from MSIG Insurance -- specially designed to give you peace of mind and let you truly enjoy your trip.

With new and improved benefits, you can now discover more on your travels. This, without worrying about flight diversions, accidents, medical treatment and travel inconvenience.

TravellerShield travel insurance benefits:

  • Immediate protection at premium starting from S$21.
  • Emergency medical evacuation up to S$1,000,000.
  • Up to S$500,000 for overseas medical expenses.
  • Up to S$1,000 for baggage delays.
  • Dedicated 24-hour emergency hotline.

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Nasreen Majid

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