11 Travel health and safety tips every parent should know

11 Travel health and safety tips every parent should know

theAsianparent has partnered with Holiday Inn<sup>®</sup> to inspire your next family adventure. When travelling, the last thing you want is your holiday to be derailed by health and safety complications. Remember these tips to ensure your holiday is smooth-sailing!

You’ve planned your holiday down to the very last detail - you know your itinerary by heart and your kids are excited for the trip and ready to go. But did you do your health and safety check?

Yes, mummies and daddies, a health and safety check before travelling, especially to foreign places far from home, is one of the most important things to do for the whole family. Don’t let your holidays be ruined by something that could have been easily avoided with good practices!

So, it’s a good thing you’re reading this article before your next family holiday! Here’s how you can be well-prepared before and after your trip to save yourself from any unnecessary bumps along the way:

Before you start your holiday

11 Travel health and safety tips every parent should know

1. CHECK WATER POTABILITY: Check whether the water at your destination is potable and advise your kids whether the tap water is safe to drink.

2. IMMUNISATION: Bring your child's pediatrician a complete travel itinerary to get advice on which diseases your child may be at risk of contracting and whether additional immunizations are appropriate. While you’re there, get an up-to-date record of your child's immunizations

3. INSURANCE: Call your health insurance company. Find out what coverage your policy provides in other countries should you have a medical problem.

4. PICK THE RIGHT HOTEL: Choose to stay in a hotel which is located in a safe area and has a reputation for being family-friendly. Choosing the right hotel from the get-go will tick the basics off your list easily. For example, picking a hotel that is family-focused and kids-first will provide your kids with everything they need without the additional price tag.

At Holiday Inn®, the brand promises that all children aged 12 and under, stay and eat for free. With their family-friendly policies, staff are well trained to treat your children as V.I.K.s. Your kids will be well taken care of with their nutritious kids meals, kids cutleries, sanitised baby cots and more. So you won’t have to worry about all of these things off the bat!

During your holiday:

11 Travel health and safety tips every parent should know

5. HOTEL ADDRESS CARD: Give your child the hotel’s address card with your contact details written on it to keep in their pockets. In case you get separated from your child, he or she can use it to find their way back.

6. DAILY REMINDERS: Give your child a quick briefing and daily reminders to keep close to you at all times, even teach them how to say “help me” in the local language if necessary. Brief them on rules of engagement with strangers - a good rule of thumb is not to interact with or take anything from strangers!

7. SANITISATION: Carry around hand sanitiser with you and remember to use it throughout the day! This is also a good habit to adopt for everyday use.

8. REST AND HYDRATE: Be sure to get enough sleep throughout the trip and stay well hydrated with clean water.

9. FIRST-AID: It is always good to have a first-aid kit on hand just in case of an emergency while you’re out with the kids. You can get a small, travel-sized first-aid kit from your local pharmacies. Alternative, DIY a first-aid kit to suit your kids needs. Include essentials like Band-Aids, panadol, sea-sickness tablets, medical tape and antiseptic solution.

10. ROAD SAFETY: When travelling to other countries, ensure you research what side of the road they drive on. Not all countries use the British system, like Singapore and India.

Countries such as Dubai, Philippines and Japan all drive on the left. So be sure to always look both ways when crossing the roads. And remember, pedestrians don’t always have the right of way. In certain countries like Vietnam or Malaysia, crossing the road may be very perilous, so be sure to keep your kids close!

11 Travel health and safety tips every parent should know

11. OUTDOOR SAFETY: When participating in outdoor activities, which is something most kids will want to do when travelling, be sure to use the safety gear for relevant activities and always follow the safety instructions. Looking “uncool” in a helmet is always better than sustaining serious injuries!

With these health and safety tips in mind and practice, you will be able to enjoy your vacation with your kids!

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