How to stay safe when travelling with kids overseas

How to stay safe when travelling with kids overseas

You are all set to go on a holiday together but don’t leave anything to chance – plan ahead! Stay as safe as possible by following these steps and you will enjoy your family’s trip with more peace of mind.


How to stay safe when travelling with kids overseas1. Before you leave home

Choose a place that you and your partner feel most at ease to go. You do not want to worry before you have booked your tickets. Consider health and safety factors such as crime rates and child-friendly facilities. Find out more information from reliable travel sites and sources. Ask family and friends who may have been to the same destination about their experiences.

2. On the ground

Make sure all of your passports and other travel documents are valid and up to date. Get to the airport early to reduce stress. Safety procedures (such as security and baggage checks) may be upsetting for a young child to go through, so explain their purpose to your child if they are old enough to understand. Prepare for flight delays by packing some drinks and toys and watch your luggage at all times.

3. In the air

If possible, book a window or an off centre-aisle seat because children like sticking their limbs into the aisle, which could get in the way of passing passengers and air crew pushing trolleys. If your child is old enough to occupy his own seat make sure the seatbelt is fastened.

4. Arrival

Carry a map or at least a written address of your accomodation to show the taxi or bus driver. If you’re renting a car for your trip, invest in renting a car seat for infants and toddlers.

5. During your stay

Get a list of the local emergency phone numbers from your accomodation. Don’t assume pedestrian laws are the same in another country – cross the street only when traffic stops. Hold your child’s hand when going  to out to crowded places such as shopping malls, tourist spots and scenic areas. Dress your children simply, don’t give them jewellery to wear or let them carry expensive items like ipads and cameras.

6. Departure

Check your accomodation before you leave to ensure you’ve not left anything important behind.  Designate one parent to watch over the children while the other checks out of the hotel or lodgings.

Before you know it you’ll be home sweet home! Before long you’ll feel like going on holiday again and this time you’ll be better prepared.

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Written by

Sandra Ong

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