Lorry driver caught on tape crashing into motorcyclist

Lorry driver caught on tape crashing into motorcyclist

A video of an accident that happened on the PIE last Friday has gone viral. The accident, which involved a lorry driver barging into the motorcyclist was caught on an in-vehicle camera and detailed exactly how the scene unfolded.

Lorry driver caught on tape crashing into motorcyclist

The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Liew Yew Long, in another case of public 'shaming'. Long quotes the lorry's vehicle number GDB 2439 X, and adds "you are going to be in public scrutiny for intention to cause injury or death to other road user." As of 21st January, the video has gotten over 10,000 shares on Facebook and been featured in the Straits Times and Yahoo! News.

The three minute video details how the lorry driver tailgates the motorcyclist before trying to overtake her. However his overtaking maneuver goes terribly wrong as he barges his lorry into her instead, causing her to be flung off her motorcycle and skid along the road.

Liew Yew Long, who uploaded the video on behalf of an Aaron Ng, has asked netizens to be the judge here and comments have ranged from vehement agreement of the lorry driver as a road bully to suggestions that the motorcyclist was partly to blame to as she seemed to be hogging the lane.

Concerned citizens
What the video also portrayed was how quickly other motorists reacted to the accident with three or more vehicles stopping by the side to help the motorcyclist out. The driver of the lorry too, did not flee the scene but instead stopped as well.

In-vehicle cameras
The video was presumably taken by an in-vehicle camera which has become popular among motorists since the shocking Ferrari crash in May last year. Having the camera is a good idea as it details and provides physical evidence of any accidents or traffic laws committed on the road.

Valuable lessons
Besides putting these videos up on social networking sites to publicly shame traffic offenders, these videos can also be used to teach your children valuable lessons on road safety. Thus look at them as teachable moments instead of just a video to condemn someone's driving or road-bullying. The immediacy and clarity of such videos will serve a stern reminder to your young child the importance of road safety that a book or lecture could ever give them.


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