'Water Buffalo's Reward' by Qin Yi

'Water Buffalo's Reward' by Qin Yi

Water Buffalo's Reward' is the first book in the "Asian Values" series.

'Water Buffalo's Reward' by Qin Yi

Pages: 32


  • Hardcover: $18
  • Paperback: $12

Availability: Select Books and all major bookstores

Published by: Autumn Wonders, Select Publishing Pte Ltd


  • Hardcover: 978-981-4022-46-0
  • Paperback: 978-981-4022-47-7

Recommended for: Pre-school children


'Water Buffalo's Reward' is the first book in the "Asian Values" series. This story is about Water Buffalo, who dutifully works on his farm everyday, and is satisfied to work towards striving to make it the best one around.

However, one day he decides that it is much more fun to rest and play than to work. He feels sorry for himself when his crops wilt but his friends help him realise that diligence reaps its own rewards in due time. From then on, Water Buffalo does not shirk his duties, and ends up with the very best farm in Summer Field.

What we liked best:

1) Li Dan's beautiful illustrations captures the tale of Water Buffalo perfectly.

2) It is a creative way of  renewing the classic fable, making use of stories to teach our younger generations lessons.

3) The write-ups and activity corner at the back of the book is an interactive way of reinforcing the lessons learnt, and teach children about the animals in the books at the same time.

What we disliked:

1) There could have been a section on 'Diligence' that was more suited towards the age group the book targets. The section provided would allow the children to gain a deeper insight our Asian values.

Our verdict: All in all, this is a very new and interesting way to expose your little ones to those all-important Asian values! We'd give it a 3.7 stars out of 5!

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