The 3-Mind Revolution - Book Review

The 3-Mind Revolution - Book Review

A review of the book 'The 3-Mind Revolution' written by best-selling authors David Chiem & Brian Caswell. The book calls to attention the need for a revamp of the education system so as to empower the children of today to be positive contributors to tomorrow's society.

The 3-Mind Revolution by David Chiem & Brian Caswell

Pages: 93

Price: From $13 onwards

Availability: At all leading bookstores and the MindChamps headquarters at Toa Payoh

Published by: Marshall Cavendish Editions

ISBN: 978-981-261-755-2

Recommended for: Parents, Educators and Educational policy-makers


Confidence, Curiosity and Creativity. These are the qualities that award-winning authors David Chiem and Brian Caswell think the education system should foster, so as to equip children with the skills to structure their imagination and contribute positively to society. They emphasize the need to focus on competence rather than content. To advocate cooperation rather than competition. To engage the child’s imagination rather than enforcing information upon him. Above all, education should encourage the expression of human potential rather than the evaluation of it, they say. Chiem and Caswell alert readers that for a sustainable and equal society tomorrow, we need to encourage all the children of today to be active contributors to knowledge creation. What’s more, they propose, in this book, a well-researched model – The 3-Mind Revolution – which they believe will effect this necessary change in the education system.

What we liked best:

1)      Analogies, metaphors, little stories, thought experiments and elaborate examples beautifully illustrate the points made

2)      Humour, wit and sarcasm lend to a propelling read

3)      Visual aid such as graphs and diagrams are used to better explain concepts discussed

4)      Numerous cartoon illustrations break up the text and give the book a lively texture

5)      Large font size, small and readable paragraphs, use of sub-headings and bullet points as well as bold text for  important phrases make for easy understanding and retention

6)      The authors take a constructive approach, rather than a pessimistic one, to the problematic nature of the traditional education system

What we didn’t like:

1)      The book puts forth its original ideas only more than halfway into the book. The first half is spent in an unnecessarily lengthy summary of the evolution of human society to contextualize the flaws with the current education system and the need for change.

2)      A good portion of the issues raised in the book aren’t particularly novel

3)      The frequent repetition of ideas is, at times, redundant though this may help bring the point across

4)      The book cover and title are not as attractive as the content

Our verdict:

The 3-Mind Revolution provides an alternative vision for our children’s future that is different from the increasingly polarized world we live in today, and suggests tangible strategies to achieve that through a reformation of the education system. Moreover, it calls for action here and now and leaves the reader with a sense of responsibility towards tomorrow’s world. Hence, we find that the book is highly effective in meeting its purpose and give it 4/5 stars.

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Written by

Roshni Mahtani

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