Talking with the Sky-Book Review

Talking with the Sky-Book Review

Pre-School Parenting Secrets!

Author: Brian Caswell and David Chiem

Pages: 199

Price: S$28.00 (before GST)

Availability: All major bookstores.

Published by: World Scientific Publishing Co Pte Ltd

ISBN: 978-981-4317-09-2

Recommended for: Parents with pre-schooling children (from ages 0-6)


Are you having difficulty understanding, disciplining and communicating with your children? Talking with the Sky aims to alleviate your parenting woes by offering some pre-school parenting tips (all backed by scientific research!!)

This is the first of a two-volume series that transforms 10 000 hours of research on pre-school learning into simple easy-to-understand strategies that parents can use to raise happy, well-behaved and intelligent children.

The first half of the book explains what scientific research tells us about the needs of a child. You learn useful research implications like hugs are a powerful expression of love and a greater bonding time with your child will equip him/her with a higher self-esteem.

The second half of Talking with the Sky helps you understand your child’s basic needs: physical, emotional and social.

Healthy development through sensible decision-making, building a healthy self-image in your child and fostering effective communication and social proficiency are some of the skills this book will impart you with.

What we love

1)     The stories, quotes and exercises in every chapter make reading this book interesting.

2)     Recommendations of bedtime books, games and discipline strategies. These suggestions will definitely add some fun to bonding sessions.

3)     Even sample meal plans are included! Parents will no longer have to crack their heads to come up with various nutritious and well-balanced meals for their children.

What we dislike

1)     There are no pictures to facilitate easy reading. Reading this book continuously without any break proved difficult and challenging!

Our verdict

We give this book 4 out of 5 stars!! Talking with the Sky is backed by scientific research that makes the ideas and suggestions offered more credible. We can’t wait to take a look at the second volume!

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