Useful tips: 6 simple tips to bottle-feed your baby from experts

Useful tips: 6 simple tips to bottle-feed your baby from experts

Parenting expert, Tammy Gold, shares some important tips on the different ways to bottle-feed your baby

Bottle-feeding your baby can be a wonderful bonding experience for mums, caregivers and the baby. But when you bottle-feed your baby, you need to keep a few things in mind. It's important that you sterilise the bottle before you use it for feeding your baby and at the very last minute you take the top off.

Here are a few tips by parenting expert, Tammy Gold:

  • Keep the baby's head positioned higher than the rest of his body, so that the milk can go down easy.
  • Hold the bottle and gently push it into the baby's mouth.
  • Sometimes young babies reject the bottle and do a thrusting out motion. In that case, shake the nipple a little bit around the baby's mouth. Press the nipple on top of the baby's mouth, and eventually they will latch on.
  • Make sure that the nipple is of full of milk, because if the milk level goes down there are chances that baby will gulp more air leading to gas and even colic.
  • You can also try different positions to hold the baby (see in video).
  • If your baby cried during the feeds, you must bring it up to the attention of your doctor.

Take a look at the video to better understand how to bottle-feed your baby:

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Deepshikha Punj

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