Trehaus - Singapore's first ever family-friendly co-working space!

Trehaus - Singapore's first ever family-friendly co-working space!

"We're for every parent and every business that embraces the peace of mind that comes with being able to work in a flexible and enriching environment, while keeping their little ones close"

Worried about having to leave your job after having a baby? Wish you could stay home and spend time with your little one, and work at the same time? Get the best of both worlds with Singapore’s first ever co-working space complete with childcare and learning facilities.

Introducing Trehaus, a beautiful and serene environment which welcomes children between the ages of 0 to 6, with its themed Kids' Atelier, and trained teachers (handpicked by Elizabeth Wu, co-founder of Trehaus) who will watch over your child in a one teacher to four children ratio, all while teaching them about music and the arts. The theme changes every week to ensure that children will have new things to play with, and the space accommodates up to 30 children comfortably. 

Elizabeth shares, “In a world of plastic play and toys that encourages convergent thinking, we believe that going back to the basics of maximising space and natural materials wills stimulate divergent thinking, open-ended play and curiosity amongst young children”.

So if you have like-minded believes, this is undoubtedly the place for your kid!

The lessons and programmes offered on top of the child-minded services are designed for children ages 6 months to 6 years old. Little Playhaus (6-18 months) and Junior Playhaus (18-36 months) are daily playgroup classes that embrace the play-based curriculum while Arthaus, Dramahaus and Lighthaus are a suite of discovery and activity-based creative programmes for 3 to 6 year olds.

play areaplay2

The Kids'Atelier

Parents can relax at the fully-serviced pantry with a cup of coffee or tea, and set up their laptops on the table that oversees the Kids' Atelier. You can be near your child while you complete your work- now how great is that? Say goodbye to your back-of-the-mind worries about taking your eyes off your child- all children will be supervised.

Top: The pantry
Bottom: The table overlooking the Kids' Atelier

Tjin Lee, co founder of Trehaus, tells us that the idea was “started by mothers, for parents”, as she noted that many parents these days want to find a work-life balance, as well as lead a modern life by spending time with their children, coupled with their careers. She adds that Trehaus welcomes children, and accommodates to both parents and their kids.

Besides having a themed play area, Trehaus boasts a comfy nursing room where breastfeeding mothers can relax and feed their baby in peace, or pump, and you'll find a diaper-changing space too. “There’s also a little beanbag chair for when your child is having a meltdown,” laughs Tjin Lee. 

And boy, do mums need those spots!

nursing roomnursing room2
Top: The changing area
Bottom: The nursing chair

There's also an event space which parents can rent to hold their functions, such as birthday parties, or even programmes for their kids. It's really a multi-functional space and we absolutely loved it.


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The Workspace is divided into two - the common area where children and adults can co-exist, and another work area known as the Sanctuary- for adults only. In the common work space, there are individual work spaces which can be rented as well. There are lockers in the room for safekeeping. And they can cater up to 60 members at any one time.

Top: The common work space where children and adults can coexist together
Bottom: Individual work space

The Sanctuary is used to hold meetings, or when you need to make important phone or video calls. The meeting room can hold up to 8 people.

Top: The Sanctuary
Bottom: Meeting room

An office space can also be rented, and would need a minimum of 6 people in order to be booked. In the Sanctuary, parents can find a cosy corner where they can hold casual discussions.

cosy corneroffice
Top: Cosy corner
Bottom: Office space

The sanctuary area also features an alfresco area where you can chill with a cup of coffee and catch up on your work in pure comfort.

The packages start from $350 onwards, and Trehaus uses a biometric system throughout the rooms to ensure the safety of the children. More information about their packages can be found here.

It's easy to find places that accommodate kids, but Trehaus WELCOMES kids, and works towards making them feel special while being around their working parents. You feel free, and open - people are generally happy that you're bringing your child around. And you never have to worry about shush-ing them, or tiptoeing around!

Mums and dads, do check out this interesting space.

442 Orchard Road, #03-01
Singapore 238879

Business hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm

Operating Hours (member access):
Monday to Sunday: Mall operating hours

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Written by

Pavin Chopra

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