13 coolest co-working spaces in Singapore for the work-at-home-mum!

13 coolest co-working spaces in Singapore for the work-at-home-mum!

Working at home with kids around can be a stressful affair for the work-at-home mum. Why not consider working out of your home office once in a while to be more productive? Find out which co-working spaces in town fit you and your budget

coolest co-working spaces

The reality of working from home can be less than perfect.

Being a Work-at-Home Mum (WAHM) can be a dream come true for many women. After all, it seems like a perfect way to carve out a successful career for yourself yet be at home to take care of your children.

However, you know that reality can be less than perfect. Your children’s frequent calls for your attention and sudden outbursts would often result in you doing neither your work nor child-minding, well enough.

That is why you may need to consider a working space out of your home, where you can work productively for a few hours a week, and yet go back to enjoying your children when you get back home.

You may have tried parking yourself at cafes but find that you are unable to leave your seat for a short break in fear of losing your space. Or you may have had the experience of scouring for empty seats at the packed libraries where you have to compete with earnest students.

Many co-working spaces have sprouted in the recent years to accommodate mums who need the extra space to work peacefully. Although you could choose any co-working space in the island, there are some which have WAHMs specifically in mind.

Go to the next page to read about the coolest co-working spaces for you to choose from, depending on your needs.


For the Entrepreneur

The Working Capitol

1A Keong Saik Rd, S089109

coolest co-working spaces

source: 1.com/app/users/ig-1465001512/theworkingcapitol

The Working Capitol is great if you have a team and you want to bounce ideas off one another, as you can use one of the clusters of work desks (Workspaces) there. There are also meeting rooms and breakout areas, including a café, where you can unwind with fellow freelancers or entrepreneurs.

Alternatively, you can also switch to working solo at a quiet place at any of the bright Workspots there, at about $450 per month for three days a week.

The Co

75 High Street, S179435

coolest co-working spaces

source: jointhe.co/

Nestled right in the heart of the city, The Co offers eight levels of ample space for co-working. You can hold meetings there as well as have breakout sessions, besides having office spaces. Networking events and presentations can also be conducted at the The Magnet Bar, Cove and Third Space.

You can rent a co-working space for $45 per day, and for $350 a month, you will be offered office space, for a maximum of 10 visits. If you want unlimited access 24/7, you can sign up for the package which also offers a mailing address, at $600 per month.

For the Techie


 70A Bussorah Street,  S199483

coolest co-working spaces

source: www.straitstimes.com

Hackerspace is a haven for you if you are in love with robots and linus boxes.  Hackerspace is the pioneer in co-working spaces in Singapore and this is the place for you to network and create innovative products if your area of work lies in technology, science, digital art or computer.

The committee in charge of this space is highly selective, mainly favouring tech start-ups over businesses which are non-tech by nature. You can reserve a desk for yourself, storing your things there and even labelling it, at $512 per month. If you only need to use the space for a short period of time, you need only pay $64 per month.

[email protected]

71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-18, S139951

coolest co-working spaces

source: enterprise.nus.edu.sg

Find [email protected] right at the heart of the thriving ground of budding start-ups at the old Block 71 building at Ayer Rajah Industrial Estate.  Here, you can expect a good support network for turning your fresh idea into an awesome business.

If you only work at night when your children are asleep, you would find that this place is the right stop. It offers you 24-hour access, late-night coffee and the company of fellow night owls in the tech industry.

For a start, you can opt for a three-month membership, choosing from two types of co-working space: sharing and regular. The latter is a wiser alternative only if you intend to use your hot-desk more frequently.

You can indicate your interest to join by getting in touch with them online.


For the Social Entrepreneur

The Hub Singapore

 113 Somerset Road, National Youth Council Academy, S238165

coolest co-working spaces

source: singapore.impacthub.net

Are you driven to build a better world? The Hub Singapore provides the working space for you to be inspired by and to connect with other social entrepreneurs.

To use the space as well as enjoy the benefits of Hub Connect and Hub Cultivate, you should join the Hub Cowork membership. You can choose from various packages ranging from $150 to $350 per month.

There are also options to have unlimited access in the Resident package ($550 per month), with a permanent desk allocated to you for an extra $50 per month, under the Native package. If you just want to try out the space for a day before you decide,  you can request for a day pass at $50.



60 Upper Weld Road

coolest co-working spaces

source: www.ourworkhouse.com

Workhouse, in the space in the back alley of Little India, offers the perfect respite from the busy city area. That is why this is a great place for your creative juices to flow.

It seems to be a good place for collaboration too, as discussions go beyond work desks, moving to the lounge or pantry areas. There is even an internal forum where you can pitch ideas for discussion with fellow community members of Workhouse.

If you do not wish to commit to a regular booking, you can rent a work space for $40 a day (Crash). For those of you who prefer a more long-term arrangement, packages start at $450 a month (Citizen).

For the Hands-On Worker

The Refinery

115 King George’s Avenue, S208561

coolest co-working spaces

source: www.therefinery.sg

The Refinery is for the woodcrafters among you. You will be given a fixed work bench where you can lay your tools and get down to working on your crafts. Here, you will also find other craftwork artisans and you can collaborate with them to create new products.

For $450 per month, you can have a space to work from and collaborate, while having access to free coffee and even whiskey. And in case you get hungry after all the work, just pop by the in-house Grill Bar.


For the Frequent Traveller


3 Raffles Place, Bharat Building, #07-01, S048617

8 Marina View,  Asia Square Tower 1, #07-04, S018960

137 Market Street, Levels 5, 6 and 15, S 048943

coolest co-working spaces

source: www.regus.com.sg

If you need to travel for your business, then Regus would be an ideal fit. It provides the mobile workforce access to office space in 3,000 locations in 120 countries.

With three locations in Singapore, Regus offers ready-to-go workspaces as well as the flexibility to change the type of space you need over time, whether you want to grow, downsize or adapt it to suit your business needs. You can also enjoy access to meetings rooms, virtual offices and business lounges in many parts of the world.

There are a number of packages available, allowing you to choose to use the co-working space for five days, 10 days or for an unlimited period of time per month, and there are discounts and special offers.  To choose a package that best fits your needs, call their Home Based Business Advisors at 6549 7070.


For the Health Buff

Hired Turf

883 North Bridge Rd, S198784

coolest co-working spaces

source: urbanjourney.com

Fancy a quick swim or workout after long hours of working on your laptop? Then, Hired Turf is a good choice for you. This simple work space follows an open floor concept, with plenty of natural light entering into the room through the large windows.

Rental of space can be as low as $25 per day and $100 for 25 hours per month. You only get access to the swim and gym facilities if you sign up for a three-month personal desk package at $499 per month, though.


For the Image-Conscious


16 Purvis St, S188595

coolest co-working spaces

source: www.space.plusconceptinc.com

Located at a trendy place near Raffles Hotel, PlusConcept positions itself as a professional and stylish work space where you can bring business associates and clients to.

This would be the place for you if your work involves portraying a selected image, such as work in retail, marketing or finance. PlusConcept can also be used as your virtual address, thus providing you with a highly-regarded mailing address as well as a local office number. Price ranges from $50 per day to $550 per month.


For the Family Mum


442 Orchard Road, #03-01, S 238879


source: Trehaus

Can’t leave your child at home? Trehaus may just be the co-working space you are looking for. Founded by working mothers Rachel Teo, Tjin Lee, Elaine Kim and educator Elizabeth Wu, the facility aims to change the landscape for working parents in Singapore by providing an environment where quality work and family life can co-exist.

Trehaus is divided into 2 areas, Kid’s Atelier is a co-working space that provides child-minding services and the option of having lessons and programmes for children. The other, Workspace, offers private offices, semi-private dedicated desks and a common space to work. They offer a range of membership deals from a 8 day access pass at $350 to an unlimited access pass at $650.

coolest co-working spaces

We have prepared a table where you can check out which co-working space best suits you. Go on to the next page to check it out!

  Pricing Unique Selling Point Location
Woolf Works - 1 day (2 half-days) access per week at $200 per month
- 3 days (5 half-days) access per week at $450 per month
- Unlimited access with personal desk at $600 per month
- Co-working place just for women
- Allows for half-days pricing
#02-01, 176 Joo Chiat Rd, S427447
The Working Capitol - Day-pass at $53.50 with GST
- 10 days per month access or 3 days per week at $449.40 with GST
- Unlimited access at $695.50 with GST per month
- For Entrepreneurs
- Offers meeting rooms for discussions
- Breakout areas
- Café
1A Keong Saik Rd, S089109
The Co - Day-pass at $45
- 10 days access at $350 per month
- Unlimited access at $600 per month
- At the heart of the city
- 3 different spaces to host events: The Magnet Bar, Cove and Third Space
75 High Street, S179435
Hackerspace - All membership fees allow for unlimited access
- Membership signup requires 2 other members' support
- Access to any open desk or sofa at $64 per month
- Priority access to any desk at $256 per month
- Reserved desk at $512 per month
- Focused on technology, science, digital art or computer sciences
- Tech start-ups
70A Bussorah Street, S199483
[email protected] - Free to join
- Register online
- 24 hour access
- Business clinics
- Networking sessions
- VC pitching sessions
- Industrial sharing seminars
71 Ayer Rajah Crescent, #02-18, S139951
The Hub Singapore - 120 hours access a month for a year at $4,599 ($383.25 a month)
- Unlimited access for a year at $6,599 ($550 a month)
- Unlimited access with a personal desk for a year at $6,999 ($583.25 a month)
- For Social Entrepreneurs
- Hub Mentoring Programmes
- Networking events
- 'Hub Hosts' around to help
113 Somerset Road, National Youth Council Academy, S238165
Art Social Haus - 24/7 access at $300 per month - For budding artists
- Open space with easels and trolleys provided
62 Ubi Rd 1, Oxley Bizhub 2, #10-08, S408734
Workhouse - Day-pass at $40
- Printing, scanning and meeting rooms access at $300 per month
- 24/7 access at $450 per month
- Monthly social events
- Alternative venue for meetings and brainstorm sessions
60 Upper Weld Road
The Refinery - Unlimited access at $450 per month - For Craftsmen
- Free coffee and whiskey
- In-house Grill Bar
115 King George’s Avenue, S20856
Regus - Short-term office from $18 per hour
- Co-working space from $12 per hour
- Part-time office from $538 per month
- Drop-in business lounge from $99 per month
- For the Frequent Traveller
- Found at 3,000 locations in 120 countries
3 Raffles Place, Bharat Building, #07-01, S048617

8 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 1, #07-04, S018960

137 Market Street, Levels 5, 6 and 15, S048943

Hired Turf - Day-pass for $25
- 25 hours access per month for $100
- Unlimited access for 3 months at $350 per month
- 24/7 unlimited access for 3 months at $499 per month
- Workout gym
- BBQ pits
- Infinity pool
- Function room
- Common area
- Open workspace concept
883 North Bridge Rd, S198784
PlusConcept - Day-pass for $50
- 22 days access within 3 months at $590
- 24/7 unlimited access at $559 per month
- Professional and stylish work space
- Ideal for work in the retail, marketing or finance fields
16 Purvis St, S188595
Trehaus - 8 days access at $350 per month
- 12 days access at $450 per month
- Unlimited access at $650 per month
- Childcare and learning facilities
- Adults only zones and common zones where parents and children co-exist
442 Orchard Road, #03-01, S 238879

Working at one of these co-working spaces sounds like it’s worth a shot, given the many perks like free Wi-Fi access, a clean and tidy workspace, opportunities to collaborate and a few hours of high productivity. It is up to you though to decide if this option is best for you.

What are some ways you or your WAHM friends work from home? Do share with us in the comments! 

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Shoba Nair

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