Club Coco Nut, edutainment centre for kids and co-working space launches in Tanglin Mall

Club Coco Nut, edutainment centre for kids and co-working space launches in Tanglin Mall

Forget about indoor playgrounds for now, check out this edutainment centre that will surely delight both you and your kids!

Being a modern parent is, well, really tough. Especially in Singapore. We want to be ever present with our kids, keeping them entertained — on top of having to stay productive on our jobs. But when we run out of ideas on where to take the kids and what to do? Oh, the struggle! I’m sure many of you can relate to this. But now with the newly launched Club Coco Nut at Tanglin Mall, you have the best of both worlds in one place.

Family Space and Edutainment Centre for Kids

Increasingly, more activities and spaces that are geared towards enrichment for children are surfacing. 

It is more than just about play. 

Stimulating kids’ minds are important — and exposing them to such environments are one of the best ways to harness their creativity.

Just take this newly opened Club Coco Nut as an example.

Club Coco Nut

Club Coco Nut is a kid’s club and co-working space for parents in the heart of the city.

A multi-disciplinary edutainment centre for kids, children get to gain hands-on experience and knowledge through a variety of engaging classes and free play.

Engaging Classes And Free Play

With art exploration, sensory workshops, multi-sports like karate and yoga, mandarin, drop-off, play space, to dance parties and birthday parties and more — the sky is the limit when it comes to your child’s learning journey here!

Club Coco Nut

Think education and entertainment — you get the best of both worlds.

This homely space is catered to children aged six months old (accompanied) to six years old and above

Club Coco NutClub Coco Nut

Sprawling over 3000 sqf of space, it is also a family space where mums and dads can not only keep their children entertained, but also be productive and meet other like-minded people. 

Besides, nestled in the heart of the city, at Tanglin Mall in Orchard Road, it is rather convenient.

The Four Spaces: Social, Move, Create and Quiet

Club Coco Nut features four distinct spaces for members to enjoy. They are The “Social” Space, The “Move” Space, The “Create” Space and The “Quiet” Space.

What’s interesting about each space is that they are designed to foster creativity, engagement and innovative learning. 

The “Social” Space

Club Coco Nut

Kids can have free and inventive play here with their Mutable tables, climbing wall, Peranakan playhouse, Magnatile wall and reading corner.

Have a productive work day and grab a coffee from their pantry, knowing your kids are safe nearby. Or if you really need to get some errands done, you can leave your kids here and come back in an hour (for a fee). No sweat!

Club Coco Nut

The Social Space is a common area with access included in all memberships.

The “Move” Space

Club Coco Nut

The “Move” Space is a room free of obstructions. Children can partake in gym for tots, multi-sports, hip-hop dance, yoga, karate, mandarin drama, english drama and more.

It is a space where the kids can have the freedom to try out new things and explore their talents, in a guided and secure environment. 

The “Create” Space

Club Coco Nut  

Let the little ones enjoy art exploration, sensory workshops, painting, arts and crafts, food discovery and more, in the “Create” Space.

The “Quiet” Space (a child-free zone)

Especially for the modern parent, this space is like an oasis that allows one to take a quiet moment to refocus their energies and focus on their tasks.

Club Coco Nut

If you need a space to catch up on your work or emails, or simply want to socialise with other parents, this is a place you might like to consider. 

The “Quiet” Space allows you just that for the day. This comes with a fee, of course. 

If you’re thinking of how this arrangement can fit to suit both your needs as well as your children, you can rest assured. Club Coco Nut offers a flexible membership programme for that purpose.

Members also benefit from ad-hoc special events like Friday “Aperitivo”, talks by various parenting experts and more.

Here are their membership packages (pricing at Launch):

  • 1 hour ad-hoc @ S$49,
  • 4 hours per month @ S$180 (Olive monthly membership), ​
  • 10 hours per month @ S$350 (peach monthly membership)​​,
  • 15 hours per month @ S$450 (Coral Monthly membership),
  • 20 hours per month @ S$560 (Pink monthly membership),
  • 50 hours per month @ S$990 (Rainbow monthly membership).

Just a note that members are billed monthly and 30 days notice is needed in order to withdraw.

The packages can be used by the entire family for ad-hoc drop-off from 18 months, classes, co-work and snacks.

Try it for yourself, and give the little ones something new to experience. After all, they are only children, once. 

Club Coco Nut General Details

Address: 163 Tanglin Rd, #03-21, Tanglin Mall, Singapore 247933

Telephone: +65 8671 1300 

Email: [email protected]

For more information kindly visit their website at ​

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Jia Ling

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