Heartbreak as Tracy Lee receives V-day bouquet from late husband Ben Goi

Heartbreak as Tracy Lee receives V-day bouquet from late husband Ben Goi

"I only wish for one more hug in silence..."

Former actress Tracy Lee met with a tragedy recently when her husband, Ben Goi, also well-known as Popiah King Sam Goi’s son, died of stroke at the young age of 43.

The couple’s son just turned one on 9 February 2019.

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In a moving tribute on Instagram, Tracy wrote,

“Hubby, I love you
Thank you for giving me this home
Thank you for doting so much on me and our little precious one
Let’s make a pact to reunite again in heaven, ok?”

Things got even more unbelievable and sad on Valentine’s Day for Tracy, when she received a bouquet of flowers from her late hubby…

Tracy Lee receives V-day bouquet from late husband

Turns out that Ben had ordered the surprise for Tracy from his friend Derek, when he had gone to Bali. He had got to know that Derek’s wife does floral arrangements.

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Tracy remains grateful for their short-lived romance, and for the time she got to spend with her husband.

“Although your wife doesn’t need surprises, you would make her smile in your own way. In fact, I love you because you’re practical.”

“Around you, I could be myself. I could laugh loudly for no reason. Although some people didn’t believe in us and gossiped about us, I know I found and married someone who accepted me for who I am”, wrote Tracy Lee on Instagram.

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Tracy reveals that the Valentine’s Day surprise came at a tragic time, but it brought with it a strange sense of comfort, “There’s an added comfort, knowing you miss us, knowing you didn’t mean to abandon me and our child, knowing you can’t bear to, knowing you’re not in pain anymore, knowing you tried your best.”

“I only wish for one more hug in silence.”

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