9 Thoughts That Run Through Men's Minds During Sex

9 Thoughts That Run Through Men's Minds During Sex

Sometimes we blurt "I love you" out during sex. Here are some things we think about, which might explain why.

Apparently, the brain cells of your male mind work like pistons, constantly firing. So when a simple thought such as "yeah... getting laid is AWESOME" hits your male mind, for instance, your appreciation for the female body might come out as an "I love you" to her. Aside from hoping she is getting off while you're physically pleasuring her, you might simultaneously be wondering if you're getting a good evaluation from her. Here are some strange thoughts your mind might be dredging up during sex.

1. "Play it cool, play it cool, play it cool"

She's just undressed and you're trying not to lose your cool by jumping on her like a hungry animal. You want her to think you're totally in charge, even when you feel like you're not.

2. "I've never seen THAT before"

"Did her breasts grow or something?"

3. "I should really try to remember this for later"

You're totally bangin' on your picture-perfect memory to remember her body for the times she won't be available when you're horny.

4. "What if I miss?"

"What if I miss and hit a pelvic bone? I might sustain a major injury to myself and, depending on how hard I thrust, I might even hurt her", you wonder, mid-thrust.

5. "I wonder if she'd be cool if I tried ______?"

Oh, the sexual fantasies from your adolescent years are all coming back to you at the rate of a speeding bullet...

6. "Ah! I finally remember where I misplaced my keys in 2012"

You know it is a weird thought. Best be kept a thought... Well, hopefully.

7. "Where did she learn THAT?"

She's picked up techniques she hasn't used before. Not that you're hating it...

8. "Oh crap, I forgot to shower"

You're not proud of it.

9. "So, um, was that an orgasm?"

"Should I keep going? Should I wrap it up? WHAT DO I DO?!", you think frantically.

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Marcus Tan

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