6 Things Only Mums of Two or More Will Understand

6 Things Only Mums of Two or More Will Understand

Being a mum is tough. By baby #2, you've got a whole new perspective. Check out our list of 6 things only mums of two or more will understand.

Being a mum is tough work, but the good news is that by the time you've gotten around to baby #2, you're a seasoned vet.

While you'll always be able to relate to other parents, there are just some things that only parents who have more than one kids will truly understand.

Mums, if you have two kids or more, there's no doubt that you can relate to the entries on our list! Check out the collection and let us know if this list speaks to you!

Mastering multitasking


If you're a mum of two or more, then you've learned the true meaning of the phrase "I've got my hands full".

For better or for worse, you are now a master of multitasking and you use this talent to your advantage!

You don't care what others think


A lot of people are overly critical of parents. Specifically, what they do and how they raise their kids.
When you had your first kid, this may have gotten under your skin; however, now that you've got more than one kid, you may care less or not at all what others think.

You've got this parenting thing down, and you don't really need judgemental eyes or critics to tell you otherwise!

Utilizing hand-me-downs


When baby #1 was on the way, you probably felt it necessary to dress them in the nicest clothes you could find! Plus, you had the benefit of receiving clothes at your baby shower or other celebrations.

It may not be that you care less about how your baby dresses, but you now understand the beauty of hand-me-downs and how much money they save you in the long run.

Only parents of multiple kids can take advantage of recycling their baby's clothes and putting them to good use!

Embrace the mess


We're not saying that you live in a pigsty by any means. All we're saying is that you're probably a little more lenient with the little things around the house.

With only one kid to worry about, you may find it easier to keep every last inch of the house in order and tidy as can be. With the arrival of your second, third, or more...a few toys on the ground is okay to let slide by.

Distributing love


Mums get a lot of love, as a result, they must give a lot of love. It's obviously not a difficult task, because of your loving nature, but it's something you never had to think about as a parent of one.

When baby #2 came around you probably thought about how you would distribute love among your kids and husband so no one ever felt left out or less loved.

You've found the right balance by now and everyone gets a fair share of mum's love!

Confusing your kids' names


Mums have a lot on their minds and a lot of names to keep up with. This can lead to occasional slip ups in the name department.

My mum used to blurt out at least 4 or 5 different names before she got mine right sometimes! I never thought much of it, just that she had a lot on her plate.

This might happen to parents of one, but it's much more common when you have two or more kids running around the house!

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