7 Things Mums Can Do Once the Kids Sleep

7 Things Mums Can Do Once the Kids Sleep

Sleep is not the only thing you will be deprived of once you start having juniors in the family. Time to yourself, and time to spend with your spouse will also be something you desperately try to squeeze in somewhere within the day’s 24 hours. After the kids’ bedtime—which should be quite early—here are some things you can get up to.

Date Night

date nights

If you are finding it difficult to go on a date with your partner after having children, you might be looking in the wrong direction. A home date instead of a night out can be just as amazing. Whip up a lovely dinner for the two of you, set the table and slip into your favourite dress. Don't forget to bring out the booze!

Movie Marathon

If you are not feeling down for anything to fancy, jump into your cosiest PJ's and snuggle up on the sofa with your spouse for a movie marathon. Time to binge through horror movies (if that is up your alley) that are too scary or gory for the little ones!

Game Time

Entertainment the old school way! It is your turn to let out the kids in you and play for board or card games. If you really want to milk the time you have without the little ones, play Cards Against Humanity—because when else can you do this with the juniors running around all the time?


7 Things Mums Can Do Once the Kids Sleep

Not as in shouting "yay!" after successfully making the children go to sleep. I mean, sure, do that, but this is also the time for you to heat things up in the bedroom. Show your partner that you love them just as much as you love the kids—make out, make love, cuddle, just make the most of the time that you finally have to yourselves.

Pamper Evening

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You don’t necessarily have to spend time with your partner every night either. Have your own me-time to unwind after a hard day—soak in a bubble bath, apply face mask, do your hair and nails or pick a good book to read. Whatever your choice is, this is the time you pamper yourself because, hey, you deserve it!

Prepare for the next day

If you are not feeling too worn out and would rather choose to be practical some nights, you can use the time to do some extra chores. It would be especially great to prepare things for the next morning like packing the children's meals and ironing their uniforms, so that you can have a little lie-in when you wake up.

Go to sleep as well

7 Things Mums Can Do Once the Kids Sleep

If you have had an especially long day, there is no pressure to keep doing anything on this (or whichever) list. Just head to bed for a good night's sleep as well, because girl don't we know you will need it!

Remember that it is as important to look after your own well-being as much as it is important to take care of your kids, your spouse and your work. After all, who will be there for them if you are way too exhausted and tired?


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Paige Li

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