Things An Incredibly Awesome Husband Does That You'll Never Want To Lose Him

Things An Incredibly Awesome Husband Does That You'll Never Want To Lose Him

Mums, check out these six signs that proves that your husband is the best man ever!

Mums, with your hectic lifestyle, having an incredibly good husband can make life a lot easier and better.  They not only care for you and your family but are also a great source of support and love. So if you think your husband is the greatest one ever, check out our list and tag your beloved husbands! 

1. He lets you know he loves you

incredibly good husband

You might think this may be too corny or romantic but you can't deny that it is the best feeling in the world when you hear your husband say these 3 magic words. So if your husband always shows small unexpected signs of affection like a simple kiss on the forehead, or a surprise hug every now and then, you are one lucky girl! 

2. He is clean, neat, and tidy

incredibly good husband

Juggling work and home can be extremely stressful for mums, but it certainly does get better when you see your husband helping you out in some house chores like keeping the house neat and tidy. Be sure to give him a big hug for his help! 

3. Writes you love notes

incredibly good husband

We are not saying your husband has to write long love letters, or a romance novel akin to Nicholas Sparks. but little post-it notes or a piece of paper with sweet pleasantries written on them can always go a long way. Doesn't this just make your day mums? 

4. Prepare meals

incredibly good husband


Your hubby might not be exactly the best cook around, but preparing any meal surely shows his affection. He may even surprise you with breakfast in bed, or a candlelit dinner that he has worked hard to prepare. Good food is definitely the way to your heart. 

5. Compliments you just because he want to

incredibly good husband

Positive reinforcement is applicable and efficient in just about any relationship. Marriage is certainly no different. So if your husband compliments you about being the most beautiful woman he's ever laid eyes on, or being the best mum in the whole world - you have one heck of a husband!

6. Talk to you on a deeper level

incredibly good husband

Possibly the biggest sign of it all – you have the best conversations with your husband. Yes sometimes it gets difficult to have some personal time for just the two of you but even despite that if your husband constantly engages you in great topics and interesting conversation - you have truly found your soulmate!

So mums, does your better half show all these six signs? Let us know in the comments! 

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Shreya Jagdish

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