12 Major Signs That Show You Have The Best Husband Ever

12 Major Signs That Show You Have The Best Husband Ever

How does your husband fare on our list? Find out here!

It's easy to say that your husband is the best one ever...but can you truly validate that statement?

Well, now you can! This list of 12 ways to tell that you have the best husband ever is the definitive list of signs and indications that your husband isn't just great...he's the best of all time.

Ladies, if your husband is shooting 12/12 with this list, you've got one hell of a man!

Check out our list and see how your husband hold up:


1. You feel the love

We figured we'd start off with the basics. Wives, if you can feel the love day in and day out, then you're off to a good start. Does he make you feel loved, and does he reciprocate your loving nature? Better yet, does he make you feel like you're his one and only love? If so, you've got a winner!


12 Ways to Tell You Have The Best Husband Ever


2. He makes life less complicated

There are tons of ups and downs, woes and worries in this thing we call life. If your husband is part of the solution and not part of the problem, then congratulations! The perfect husband doesn't add to the complications of your life, he makes them better. The best husband ever will bring sunshine to your gloomiest of days.


Is your husband the best ever? Find out by clicking next!

3. You share mutual trust

Okay, okay—so as a married couple you've probably had trust established for years now. But has it stood the test of time? Not only that, but do you feel as though you never doubt each other's actions? If your mutual trust is still intact and stronger than ever you're in good shape!


4. He knows what you like/dislike

If you spend enough time with someone, you'll start to learn more and more about them. By this time in your marriage, your husband shouldn;t just know everything that you like...he should also know everything you dislike. The best husband ever can name your top five and bottom five of any category without thinking twice!


5. He's supportive

Simple enough, right? The best husband ever is one that doesn't just support everything you do, but one that truly believes you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.


6. He respects your privacy and space

Married couples typically can't get enough of each other's company, but even the clingiest of couples need boundaries to some capacity. Whether it's girls' night out, or just a 15 minute break from an argument, the best husband ever understands that you'll need space and privacy sometimes. Not to mention that it won't faze him, because he respects that you require time alone every now and then.


7. He's helpful at home

If your man is the typical "handyman" around the house, that's one thing. If your husband is helpful around the house with other things (i.e. cooking, cleaning, laundry, watching the kids) then that's another. The best husband ever will gladly roll up his sleeves and help his wife complete all the chores around the house...and he'll do it with a smile!


Wives, how is your husband holding up so far? See how he fares with the rest of the list by clicking next!


8. He can cheer you up

No good husband likes to see their wife down in the dumps. That's why the best husband ever is a master at cheering his wife up. He loves his wife's smile more than anything and will do whatever it takes to cheer you up when you aren't feeling your best. Can your husband cheer you up better than anyone on the planet?


9. He's loyal and honest

This may sound like a basic quality of anyone in a marriage, but these two features commonly get overlooked. A perfect husband has nothing to hide and is always displaying his loyalty towards you. Furthermore, a perfect husband is never afraid to be honest with you. For better or for worse, the best husband ever is an honest husband.




10. You challenge each other

I don't mean that the best husband ever makes a round of Monopoly more competitive than it needs to be. What I mean is that you bring out the best in each other and inspire each other to be better individuals. Because he believes in you and expects the most of you, he challenges you and pushes you to thrive an prosper.


11. He's mindful of your feelings

Husbands who lend a listening ear to their wives already gain a huge boost in the "best ever" qualifications. The best husband ever values your thoughts, feelings, and opinions and makes sure to account for them with his actions and words. He cares deeply about how you feel and what you think.


12. You find each other hilarious

If you're one of those couples that have a multitude of inside jokes, laugh hysterically with each other, and share the same sense of humor, then you could possibly have the best husband ever. The perfect husband doesn't just make you laugh, but he finds you funny also. If you;re sharing laughs with your husband on a daily basis, you may have hit the jackpot.


All right, ladies, how did your husband fare? Share your results and share our list with your friends and see if your husbands are the best ever!

If you have any insights, questions or comments regarding the topic, please share them with us!

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