Terence Cao Hasn't Seen 10-year-old Daughter in 9 Months, but She's Too Busy for Him

Terence Cao Hasn't Seen 10-year-old Daughter in 9 Months, but She's Too Busy for Him

He has not seen his 10-year-old daughter Shi En in nine months as she's living and studying in Shanghai.

With the implementation of travel restrictions and safety measures due to COVID-19, some families and loved ones have been separated for the time being.

Terence Cao

Image source: Instagram / terencecao_guohui

Local actor Terence Cao is no different — he has not seen his 10-year-old daughter Shi En in nine months as she’s living and studying in Shanghai.

However, it’s not just the coronavirus pandemic that’s keeping them apart. Terence also admitted that his daughter is very busy with her studies and extracurricular activities, such as swimming, ballet, and learning the er hu.

The 52-year-old told Shin Min Daily News yesterday: “She is really busy and studying very hard. Even if I fly to Shanghai to see her, I have to accommodate her schedule and both of us can only get a few hours together. As her father, I cannot affect her studies and I have to respect her time.”

Terence also revealed that the young girl has a talent for painting and is very creative.

In 2012, the unmarried actor was hit with a scandal when a 27-year-old Shanghainese woman, identified as Shi, flew to Singapore and claimed Terence is the father of her 19-month-old daughter. Shi said the pair met in 2010 at a party and had a one-night stand.

Terence eventually acknowledged his daughter after a DNA test, but also said then that he could only be good friends with Shi.

When asked by the Chinese daily about his relationship with Shi, he replied: “It’s okay. We’re good. We’re like friends, and we’re civil.”

Apart from being separated from his daughter, COVID-19 has also severely affected his job. He admitted that production has stopped on at least 10 projects and the losses to his income exceeded a five-figure sum. However, he’s staying positive about the situation.

“Am I hurt [by the loss]? I don’t think about such things, being alive is most important. I have my parents, my daughter, and my family who are waiting for me to take care of them. If something happens to me, what will become of them? Staying alive is the most important. As long as I’m alive, I’ll have time and opportunities to make money,” he said.

On that note, he isn’t against his daughter following in his footsteps and joining showbiz should she choose to. As long as it doesn’t affect her studies, he will support her in whatever she wants to pursue. But, he pointed out, she’s too young for showbiz now.

The Chinese daily also asked if Terence has a marriage partner in mind and if he needs to seek his daughter’s approval.

Terence Cao

Terence Cao (left) and the Crown Prince of Johor (second from right) and his wife at the Japanese restaurant the actor opened. | Image source: Shin Min Daily News

He replied: “It’s not about my daughter. These are two different things. The most important thing is whether the person I want to marry can live with me in a down-to-earth way.

“But I’m an actor, when will I have the time to talk about marriage? Women will definitely not want to marry me. I’m busy the whole day. Who wants me? I won’t force a marriage.”

Aside from his acting gigs, Terence also manages several businesses, including a food and tourism app called Cao Parties, as well as an acting school and a Japanese restaurant in Johor Baru.

This article was first published on AsiaOne and republished on theAsianparent with permission.

Lead image from Instagram / terencecao_guohui.


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Terence Cao Hasn't Seen 10-year-old Daughter in 9 Months, but She's Too Busy for Him

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