Time for an all pampering shower at the click of a button!

Time for an all pampering shower at the click of a button!

Every mum needs a little me-time and sometimes a shower is the only opportunity she gets. With the latest offerings from Hansgrohe, leading innovators in the international sanitation industry, showers just got more luxurious and indulgent. Read this article to find out how.

Life is never certain. But as a Mum, there are two inescapable certainties.

First certainty: your work is never quite done – the to-do things get crossed off, yet the list remains frustratingly long. There is always yet another birthday present to buy, fire to put out, meal to cook. Rinse and repeat.

Second certainty: “me-time” is as mystical as unicorns. There is always someone needing your attention, wanting something from you, especially if your kids are young.

But on the rare chance when the moon turns blue and the horses start riding our skies, you want to really savour the moments and soak in the bliss.

Literally, soak in the bliss.

Introducing the Hansgrohe bathroom fittings – beautiful, luxurious and classic on the outside, creating your own zone of pleasure and wellbeing with a simple click of a button.

With these gorgeous fittings, a shower is no longer just a shower, it is a pampering ritual which you will want to stretch out for as long as you can. And the best part is, with the Hansgrohe fittings, you can pamper yourself -– anytime, anyday.

An all-round comfort system at the press of a button

With its convenient Select technology and three different overhead shower sprays, the new Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe revolutionizes the idea of a shower from mundane to luxuriant.

shower units in singapore

Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe is an integrated shower system that operates on the touch of a button.

Bathroom and sanitation specialist, Hansgrohe, a renowned brand in state-of-the-art bathroom and sanitation fittings, has combined high-end design elements with the new Hansgrohe Select technology to create a harmonious shower system where water pleasure can be controlled with the simple click of a button.

Thelarge-surface overhead shower and the high-quality shower arm, the flush-mounted flat profile and the stylish thermostat mean that daily showers are a luxurious experience in itself.

This integrated shower system, which is controlled by a simple button, represents the ultimate in comfort and shower pleasure.

Shower units in singapore

You can adjust your spray settings with the click of a button!

And if you love to splurge on bath gels and shampoos, buying up every scent you fancy, but never have enough space for everything you really need, you will love the ShowerTablet Select 300. It doubles as an intelligent shower control unit and a beautiful shelf space, your precious little bottles of scented heaven will have pride of place. All the control elements of the ShowerTablet Select 300 are arranged at the front for easy access, for instance. A simple push of a button is all it takes to turn the various shower functions on or off. Thetemperature can be set with exact precision to ensure it is just that temperature you are most comfortable with – no more trial and error shocks of over-cold water or annoying too-hot sprays. We guarantee you will go “ahhh” as you feel the water – just the way you like it – cascade over your tired muscles.


Click on the next page to find out about the three different types of water sprays that are available both in the overhead showers and hand showers. These have been created based on research by Hansgrohe!

Shower sprays to suit individual needs

As a leading expert in bathroom and sanitation fittings, Hansgrohe wants to ensure that everyone’s needs and preferences are catered for. Their extensive research into our showering habits has translated into fittings which have the built in flexibility of being adjustable to suit different personalities.

Thepleasure showerers, for instance, can find relaxation under a gently pearling, warm rain shower. Thevoluminous yet soft RainAir spray is ideal for them to luxuriate and soak in.

Theefficient showerers who want to feel refreshed and save time, need to choose the powerful Rain spray setting that effectively rinses shampoo and soap from head to toe.

Thefocused showerer who needs the jet to be felt deep beneath the skin should select the RainStream, which is perfect for easing tense muscles in a targeted manner with 12 individual jets. Unlike conventional flood jets which taper down along their trajectory, the RainStream does not constrict itself but maintains its intensive, revitalising power to the ground.


shower units in Singapore

Raindance Select E 300 3jet overhead shower has three spray settings to suit the individual needs of different showerers.

So it is not just you who will enjoy the new Raindance Select E 300 3jet Showerpipe, we are pretty certain your entire family will find it just as suitable for their needs.

Don’t want to go through the hassle of taking down your existing bathroom fittings and then reinstating a new one? No fear – the Raindance Select Showerpipe can be easily installed in the shower in just a few steps. It can easily be fitted onto existing wall-mounted connections, no noisy, messy hacking works necessary.

Thesystem is available in a sleek all-chrome version, or in a two-tone model, where the shower faces and the shelf come in crisp white, combined with brilliant chrome.

Taking the shower pleasure further

Fourteen years after Hansgrohe revolutionised the shower with the  popular bestseller “Raindance”– the large hand showers which pampered people with AirPower, a mix of air and water spray for a better showering experience – they bring to us the new Raindance Select hand showers.

With the same ergonomic click of a button feature characteristic of Hansgrohe designs, the new Raindance Select boosts its performance by combining two shower face technologies in a single hand shower for the first time: large exit holes where air is added to create the gentle RainAir spray, and small exit holes for the forceful Rain spray. A third option to choose from is the invigorating massage jet.

While the pleasure seeking children will love the voluminous yet gentle RainAir spray, us mummies in a hurry at times might need the efficient and vitalising Rain Spray to get the shampoo out of our hair. And there is nothing stopping us from wanting both: a powerful downpour in the morning, and a gentle, relaxing shower in the evening.

For the focused showerer, the Raindance Select hand showers offer the whirl jet setting which allows the jet of water to be felt deep beneath the skin and eases the tense muscles in a targeted manner.

With such great performance features, the Raindance Select does not compromise on design either. Together with long term design partners, Phoenix Design, the E and the S versions were born.



TheRaindance Select hand showers have three spray settings to suit your shower needs. From L to R: the RainAir Spray, Rain Spray and the Whirl Jet.

TheRaindance Select E 120 and E 150 handshowers are crafted with an ultra-modern SoftCube design with harmoniously rounded corners. Theminimalist, round Raindance model design has also been combined with the Select technology to give you the Raindance Select S 120 handshowers. Each model is available in a sleek all-chrome finish and in a two-tone version with a white-chrome look: a white shower face and lustrous chrome housing.

Beautiful design, ease and convenience of use and individually customisable shower pleasure – this is a indulgent showering experience that Hansgrohe offers you. No matter how much or how little time you have, soaking in bliss everyday will be effortlessly easy.

Visit  www.hansgrohe.com.sg/select to explore Hansgrohe’s Select products and discover interesting videos and background stories.


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