Teenager undergoes over 50 operations in order to look like Angelina Jolie

Teenager undergoes over 50 operations in order to look like Angelina Jolie

It's one thing to imitate your idols since you admire them, but going through plastic surgery just to look like your idol might be taking it a bit too far.

Have you ever wondered how it would feel like to step in the shoes of your favorite Hollywood actress? What if you can look like Jennifer Aniston? Or what if you can look like Angelina Jolie? Would you be happy about it?

*Graphic image warning.

She wanted to look like Angelina Jolie

look like Angelina Jolie

These are Sahar’s photos before and after her surgery.

A 19-year-old girl from Iran, Sahar Tabar, says that she’s a massive fan of Angelina Jolie. Her admiration of the actress is so great that she underwent over 50 operations in order to look like Angelina Jolie.

She was also reported to have lost over 34 kilograms in her attempt to look like the famous actress.

The teenager posted her transformation on Instagram, where netizens cruelly mocked her and said that in her attempt to look like Angelina Jolie, she managed to make herself look like a zombie.

Others said that she looked like one of the characters from The Corpse Bride, a Tim Burton film.

However, there is still some speculation regarding the photos as some netizens are saying that the photos are the result of either photoshop, make-up or even prosthetics.

Is it okay for teens to have plastic surgery?

look like Angelina Jolie

The result of Sahar’s extensive plastic surgery in order to look like her idol.

Sahar’s obsession with trying to look like Angelina Jolie could be the result of a condition called body dysmorphic disorder, or BDD.

BDD is a type of psychiatric disorder wherein the person is obsessed with a real or imagined ‘defect’ in their appearance that can cause them a lot of distress or even failure to function normally. A number of teens also suffer from BDD in one form or another.

What’s alarming is that more and more teens, sometimes as young as 13 years old, are having plastic surgery. While plastic surgery isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s not a good idea for teens to think that plastic surgery is the solution to their insecurities.

Plastic surgery carries a lot of risks, especially in teens. Having plastic surgery early on can also lead to plastic surgery addiction, which has caused deaths in the past.

Here are some tips that parents can use to encourage their teens to have a better body image without having to undergo surgery:

  1. Make them feel loved and appreciated. Let your teen know that you’re always there for them, and that you think that they are a wonderful person, both inside and out. Giving compliments is also a good way to boost their self-esteem.
  2. Be there for your teen. Teenagers are prone to having more feelings of insecurity, especially since their bodies are going through a lot of changes. It’s important to always be there for your teen, and to be supportive and understanding of their feelings.
  3. Talk to them about appearance and what it means. Teach your teen how to take care of themselves and let them understand that a person’s appearance can also reflect how much a person cares for himself/herself.
  4. Be a role model. As a parent, it’s important to have a good body image yourself. Be confident in your own skin, and let your teenager understand how important self-love is.

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