Communicating with your spouse tips

Communicating with your spouse tips

Keep frequent tabs on your relationship to strengthen it.

How often have we seen the romance and the energy fizzle out of a relationship, simply because of a lack of communication. For a relationship to be successful, communication is essential.

The problems in a relationship usually begins as partners tend to take each other for granted without realising that as a relationship grows older, their partners also grow, and circumstances as well as ways of thinking change.

Therefore, it is essential to periodically take stock of your relationship. In other words, it is important for both partners to sit down and discuss the status of their relationship to find out whether both parties are satisfied with it.

Initially you might find it quite uncomfortable to discuss these things openly with your partner keeping in mind the temperament which your partner has towards issues like these, but the key factor in overcoming this mental block can only be resolved by taking a step and talking about it.

You never know if he/she feels the same way and was just as uncomfortable broaching this subject as you. Chances are your partner will respect you for that extra mile that you ran for the betterment of your relationship.

Important note:- Taking stock doesn’t mean  you over intrude into each other’s private space. When we say private space, we are referring to the space which an individual enjoys as an individual without his/her partner.

Give your partner the space he/she needs to think about it because if not given, the ‘taking stock’ here might turn into ‘taking note’ which can produce some real drastic results!

It is also important to discuss your different aims and goals for the future and figure out the direction in which your relationship is heading.

Such discussions will actually help you plan for the future while taking the present into consideration. It allows you to change or alter the course of the relationship, if required, to accommodate the various changes that may have occurred in the past.

Reaching out to each other in such a way will help in strengthening the relationship. Moreover, it allows a person to realise that their partner is equally serious about the relationship and also wants to work towards making it better.

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Written by

Vania Tan

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