Rediscover your emotions with your partner

Rediscover your emotions with your partner

Understanding your emotions and your partner's is essential for a healthy relationship. Here are some simple tips you can practice to know yourselves better.

Rediscover your emotions with your partner

Couples in a relationship often forget to pay enough attention to their thoughts and feelings about each other and the relationship. This creates an emotional vacuum in their relationship, which when left unaddressed, leads to confusion and dissatisfaction. In the long run, partners find that they can't connect to each other anymore, and they are unable to pinpoint why this is so. This cripples partners' communication and prevents them from being available for each other to talk to and share their lives with.

Get in touch
Being in touch with yourself means acknowledging and accepting all the emotions that you are experiencing and expressing the same to your partner. Sharing of emotions, thoughts and desires is pertinent. This will prevent miscommunication and leave no room for leftover feelings you can't place. Sensitize yourself to your own emotions as well as your partner's.

How do you do this? Here are 3 simple tips you can practice to get in touch with yourself and your partner better:

1) Introspect at the end of each day. What emotions and thoughts did you encounter? Which of these were significant? Do any of them call for action? Do they point to a change you or your partner need to make?

2) Show concern for your partner. Does your husband look dull as he walks in through the door? Is your wife tossing and turning in bed? Ask them why, and let them know you're there for them to talk to.

3) Find an avenue for creative expression. Nothing helps you get in touch with your emotions like creativity. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write whatever comes most naturally to you. Encourage your partner to do the same for themselves. You will see what a difference this makes to you understanding yourselves better.

Good luck!

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Sandra Ong

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