Is Stefanie Sun's Baby No.2 Going To Be A Boy Or A Girl?

Is Stefanie Sun's Baby No.2 Going To Be A Boy Or A Girl?

Ever since news of Stefanie Sun's Baby No. 2 has been announced, fans have been super excited to know more. Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

Ever since news of Stefanie Sun’s Baby No. 2 has been announced, fans have been super excited to know more. Is it going to be a boy or a girl?

Well, guess what, Sun seems to have finalised on the baby’s nickname already! She recently revealed it at a press conference in Malaysia. But, did she also unintentionally reveal the baby’s gender? 🙂

Stefanie Sun’s Baby No.2

According to Toggle, she calls the tiny little one in her tummy, “Poppy”, because it was the size of a poppy seed when she first saw him/her through the ultrasound scan!

Is “Poppy” then a baby girl, wondered everyone! To which Sun apparently laughed and said she would be revealing the baby’s gender soon.

Stefanie has a 5-year-old son (nicknamed Na Xiao Zi) with her Dutch-Indonesian husband Nadim Van Der Ross.

News of her pregnancy had surfaced late last year, but only last month did the star confirm her status on social media. “Yes, I’m now as fat as two people”, she declared all glowing and happy.

Stefanie Sun's Baby No.2

“Yes, I’m now as fat as two people.” PHOTO: FACEBOOK / SUN YANZI

The singer is all set to welcome her second baby in July this year, in time for her 40th birthday. But she is taking things easy this time.

She tells Toggle, “I remember during my first pregnancy, I was very anxious and read lots of books to find out what the best way to raise a child is.”

“But now, I feel much more relaxed because I believe that you should just do what works and makes sense to you; it’s a personal journey that differs for everyone.”

Guess who revealed Stefanie Sun’s second pregnancy?

Meanwhile, guess who first spilled the big secret about Sun’s second pregnancy? It was her son!

Stefanie shared about it during a press conference earlier this month.

“He was in the bathtub when we told him the news and he was really excited. We said, ‘Don’t tell anyone, okay? It’s a secret.””

“We said it with a pinch of salt, we know that he is five, but very quickly the whole school knew about it,” she reveals.

“(His) teacher came up to me and said, oh, today we were talking about the MRT… how we have to give up our seats to the disabled and the pregnant… so he offered ‘my mama has a baby in her belly’… so the whole class knew.”

“There was one time we went to take the train… I said, ‘Okay, we’re going to get on the train, don’t ask people to give up their seats for mama’, because we haven’t announced it, right? I have to prep him sometimes for things like that,” she says light-heartedly.

Stefanie Sun's Baby No.2

Stefanie also “complains” about her husband’s behaviour of late, “He tells me to be more careful and will offer to drive me around. The change was very sudden, as soon as he knew I was pregnant, he became a lot more affectionate.”

“Why can’t he be like that all the time, is it so difficult? Why must he only treat me better when I’m pregnant leh?”

“To all the fathers in the audience, please be good to your wife all the time, not just when she is pregnant.”

Here’s wishing this shining star a bright and happy pregnancy and motherhood ahead! 🙂

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(Source: Toggle)

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