Stefanie Sun pregnant with baby no. 2, according to reports

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Is Stefanie Sun pregnant with baby No. 2? Well, if recent reports are to be believed, the answer is "Yes!"

Is Stefanie Sun pregnant with baby No. 2? Well, if recent reports are to be believed, the answer is “Yes!”

Is Stefanie Sun pregnant?

According to latest news reported by uweekly, it looks like the Singapore Mandopop singer is all set to welcome her second baby in July 2018!

The news first emerged in Taiwan media, and if it’s true, it means that it’s going to be the best birthday gift for the star, who turns 40 in July this year!

It seems that, doubts about Sun’s pregnancy first surfaced when she suddenly cancelled a grand press conference in Beijing to promote her 13th album “A Dancing Van Gogh”. She had cited a cold as reason then. 

Stefanie Sun pregnant


During the album’s promotion, rumours of her pregnancy grew stronger when Sun emerged, wearing extremely loose clothes.

However, at the end of November, Sun posted a photo of her tummy on social media saying “#Please don’t say I’m pregnant” – her way of denying the pregnancy.

Recent sources suggest that Stefanie Sun was in fact, pregnant during her album promotion period in October, but she hadn’t known it then. Only when she went to Taiwan to promote her album did she notice changes to her body.

It seems she didn’t want to reveal the big news because of the ‘3 months superstition’.

But on social media when she was casually chatting with her fans, she did disclose that, “Being hungry in the middle of the night is torture”. 

Planning for second baby

stefanie sun pregnant


Stefanie has been married to businessman Nadim Van Der Ros since 2011, and they have a 5-year-old son. 

She had recently revealed her plans for a second baby. The news was surprising as previously, she had been very vocal about wanting only one child, saying it was “tiring enough”.

Apparently, her son was responsible for this change of mind. He wanted a sibling, and often complained that mummy’s “stomach was not getting bigger as she did not eat enough.”

Stefanie Sun finds the idea that “babies came from one’s mouth” super cute and innocent. She has also revealed that when it came to Baby No. 2, she has no gender preference. 

Well, here’s waiting for official confirmation of the good news! 🙂

(Source: uweekly)

stefanie sun pregnant

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