Stefanie Sun confirms second pregnancy!

Stefanie Sun confirms second pregnancy!

It's official!

Fan-dreams of a pregnant Stefanie Sun (for the second time) have just come true! It's official - Singapore singer Stefanie Sun has confirmed on both Twitter and Instagram that she is pregnant with her second child! 

The 39-year-old mum of a little boy cheekily hinted about her pregnancy by saying she's become "as fat as two people" (from a popular Chinese idiom).

Pregnant Stefanie Sun: Hints of 2nd pregnancy all along 

As early as November last year, rumours of a pregnant Stefanie Sun were circulating. But the Mandopop star kept denying it, even posting a picture of her tummy last November, saying, “#Please don’t say I’m pregnant.”

Stefanie Sun pregnant

But there were many little clues that fans of the gorgeous singer picked up on. The first was when she suddenly cancelled a grand press conference in Beijing to promote her 13th album “A Dancing Van Gogh”. Her reason? A cold!

Another little hint was that during the album’s promotion, Sun was spotted wearing extremely loose clothes. She also disclosed to fans while chatting on social media that, “Being hungry in the middle of the night is torture”! 

We do understand why she didn't want to reveal her pregnancy so early on though. Sun was likely following the ‘3 months superstition’, where you're not supposed to announce your baby bump before the end of the first trimester to ward off miscarriage risks. 

A pregnant Stefanie Sun (2nd time) was always in the plan!

While we are overjoyed at the news of a second-time pregnant Stefanie Sun, it comes as no surprise. 

She recently explained that she wanted a second child, saying her five-year-old son badly wanted a sibling. He even complained often that, "mummy’s stomach was not getting bigger as she did not eat enough.” (So cute!) 

Stefanie has been married to Indonesian-born Dutch businessman Nadim Van Der Ros since 2011. And if we've done our maths correctly, baby number two's due date should be in July this year. This will make the little one the best ever 40th birthday present for his or her beautiful mummy!

We wish Stefanie a smooth pregnancy journey! 

Source: Channel NewsAsia

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