Singapore Celebrity Babies 2018: Which Mum Is Due Next?

Singapore Celebrity Babies 2018: Which Mum Is Due Next?

What's the class of Singapore celebrity babies 2018 gonna be like? Let's check out which Singapore celebrity mum is due next!

2017 was a year of celebrity pregnancies for Singapore. Joanne Peh, Jamie Yeo, Shaun Chen, Kim Lim…the list was super long! So, what’s the class of Singapore celebrity babies 2018 gonna be like? Let’s find out!

Velda Tan

Singapore celebrity babies 2018


Velda Tan announced in July last year that she was pregnant. In fact, the Singapore entrepreneur, fashion icon, and social media influencer must be expecting her first baby any time now!

Her road to pregnancy was a rocky one though, and for the first time, Velda revealed her long battle with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and how this pregnancy was nothing short of a miracle for her.

Things had got so bad that she found out she wasn’t ovulating anymore. She finally consulted a fertility doctor on her friend’s recommendation, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Thankfully, her pregnancy period was rather smooth. In a recent Instagram update, Velda writes, “Am also very fortunate and thankful to have an uneventful pregnancy without the unpleasant ailments or aches and pains. Only some pelvic pressure and contractions now that it’s just a week away.”

“To be honest,  I didn’t watch my diet nor exercise but ate my vitamins diligently and had regular doses of double boiled soups c/o of my MIL- pretty sure that helped with nourishment? Heh and one other thing I indulged in is a good pre-natal rub.”

Here’s wishing Velda a smooth delivery! 🙂

Cheryl Wee

Singapore celebrity babies 2018


Actress Cheryl Wee, who got hitched to her longtime boyfriend Roy Fong in June last year, is pregnant –with a baby boy!

Cheryl, daughter of beauty maven Jean Yip, is 6 months pregnant now and the baby is due in April 2018, in time for her birthday.

She recently revealed her foodie cravings at five and a half months, “I’ve lost my sweet tooth and love for desserts. The thing I love most is clear Chinese soups.”

“If given a choice of fried chicken or cakes, I’d choose neither. But between sweet and salty, I take salty.”

“The thing that I eat so much more that I hardly ate pre baby Fong is cheese. I have about 8 different cheese in our fridge any given day. I eat about 6-8 times a day.”

Here’s wishing Cheryl a smooth pregnancy and delivery! 🙂

Yoyo Cao

Singapore Celebrity Babies 2018: Which Mum Is Due Next?


Fashion influencer and Instagram superstar Yoyo Cao revealed late last year that she’s expecting a baby boy!

Both Yoyo and her partner Matthews are in the fashion line. Once dubbed “Singapore’s biggest style star and designer” by Vogue, we can’t wait to see if the little one has inherited some “fashion” genes. :p

Happy parenting days ahead, Yoyo!

Stefanie Sun?

Singapore celebrity babies 2018

Okay, so this one’s still not “official” yet, but the buzz is growing stronger by the day. According to recent reports in the Taiwanese media, Stefanie Sun is pregnant with baby No. 2.

Apparently, the Singapore Mandopop star is all set to welcome her second baby in July 2018, in time for her 40th birthday!

When Sun was on a promotional tour recently, she was photographed wearing extremely loose clothes and…a tiny ‘baby bump’? 2 assistants were even seen by her side, supporting her as she descended the stairs.

Stefanie Sun had recently revealed her plans for a second baby. Apparently, her son demanded a sibling, and often complained that mummy’s “stomach was not getting bigger as she did not eat enough.”

We hope to get an official confirmation on this good news soon! 🙂

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