Cheryl Wee is pregnant and announces the news in the cutest way possible!

Cheryl Wee is pregnant and announces the news in the cutest way possible!

Good news! Singapore actress (and daughter of beauty maven Jean Yip), Cheryl Wee, is pregnant! Read more here...

We have just come across some great news. Actress Cheryl Wee, who got hitched to her longtime boyfriend Roy Fong in June this year, is pregnant!

Cheryl Wee pregnant!

The actress took to social media to confirm the news, and posted a super cute video, showing the couple unwrapping boxes of Christmas presents - all baby stuff like bibs, milk bottles, a children’s book, and finally, a note that says “WeefongaBaby” (We found a baby).

She writes, "It’s 12 days to christmas and we can’t wait till then to open our presents... cos all we want for christmas is....."

Cheryl is five months pregnant now and the baby is due in April 2018, in time for her birthday!

In an interview with Toggle, Cheryl reveals how she first found out about her pregnancy.

She was actually planning for a baby and going to do some treatment, "The day before my first session, I bought a pregnancy kit just to confirm that I wasn’t expecting, because you can’t be pregnant during the treatment.”

“When I tried it and saw the [positive] result, I was in the bathroom for 10 minutes because I wasn’t sure if I was seeing it wrongly! I was so shocked that it happened so fast.”

Cheryl Wee

The news came as a bit of a shock, "I had no symptoms. I was even doing everything you shouldn’t be doing when you’re pregnant, such as slimming treatments, saunas, massages and even a detox."

Wee experiences morning sickness 

The mum-to-be later developed morning sickness, "It was very, very, very bad during the first three months. It was so bad that I didn’t even want to do something as brainless as going on Instagram!"

"(laughs) Now it’s better, but if I eat too much or eat fried or spicy stuff, I will feel nauseous.

Cheryl Wee


When asked about her pregnancy cravings, she says she has discovered new love for cheese. :)

Right now, the happy couple can't seem to decide on how many kids they want. Roy says 6, while Cheryl thinks 3 is good enough. :)

Lastly, when asked if being pregnant meant she would slow down in her career, this is what Cheryl Wee had to say, "Nothing will change. In fact, I’ve been working a lot more in the shop."

Cheryl Wee


"I want my kid to grow up seeing their parents working hard and to understand that money doesn’t just fall from the sky. And besides, we want to have more kids, so we want to be able to provide for them financially."

"I watched my own mother (beauty maven Jean Yip) work hard while growing up, and that motivates me to work even harder as well."

Here's wishing Cheryl Wee a smooth pregnancy and joyous motherhood ahead!

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(Source: Toggle)

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