What's wrong with this picture of Sonya Davison nursing her toddler? Nothing!

What's wrong with this picture of Sonya Davison nursing her toddler? Nothing!

Her twins recently turned two years old.

Breastfeeding in public — people seem to either love it or hate it. Honestly speaking though, it shouldn't have to generate such extreme reactions. It should be accepted as normal, because that's exactly what it is — a mother nursing and nurturing her child. Simple. Whether the child is two months old or two years old, breastfeeding them should never be an issue. It's a mother's basic right to feed and love her child, and the child's right to be fed and loved. 

But many people still don't understand this. 

While we've come far in the movement to #normalizebreastfeeding, we still have a long way to go. This is most recently showcased by celeb mum of two and stunning model Sonya Davison, when she posted a gorgeous picture of herself and her twin toddler boys in a flight. 

sonya davison nursing her toddler Recently, the twins turned two. Sonya continues to breastfeed them. | Image: Instagram

Sonya Davison Nursing Her Toddler Generates Bricks and Bouquets 

On Wednesday 13 June, Sonya shared a picture on Instagram, simply captioned: 

I probably don’t post these real moments enough, but the way I see it... the difficult times make the good times all the sweeter 

In the photo, we see something all of us can relate to: a mum on a flight (the stunning Sonya herself), sipping on a cup of water. She's cradling one sleeping child in one arm, and the other is latched on to her, breastfeeding. What's so strange about this? 

She's just doing what she has to do to keep her little guys calm and comfortable. 

But seconds after she shared this picture, the haters started with their venomous comments: 

juliastankoczi: Not normal to breastfeeding a two years old kid. (nor your body, nor the kid) Not babies anymore...

evelynnfrancesca: Are you still breastfeeding?

onebasicchic: ugh that kid look way to old to be doing that! so gross this sh&* should be illegal

matea_stefan: Disgusting. Not normal to brestfeeding a two years old kid...

Sonya, however, had no time for the shamers, calmly brushing them off with this one simple statement: 

 Sometimes the best things for you aren’t the societal norms :)

The haters were also outnumbered by those who supported Sonya's stance: 

sashaeis: @matea_stefan disgusting is judging a mother for feeding her child.

denandraresan: @matea_stefan nature didn't intend not to breastfeed before the child and mother isn't ready to stop. The normal biological length is 2-7 years so if you do less than that you are actually not doing the best for your child.

hmmmbao: @sonyadsanchez good for you! I don’t understand why people feel they have the right to voice opinions about things that aren’t any of their business! I’m so glad you aren’t taking the negative comments to heart! You are a beautiful mum with equally wonderful children

Kudos to Sonya for doing her part to normalise something that should not have been stigmatised in the first place.

Besides that, by continuing to breastfeed her boys well into toddlerhood, this breastfeeding mama shows that she fully understands the benefits of extended breastfeeding. 

sonya davison nursing her toddler We hope Sonya keeps keeping it real! | Image: Instagram

Extended Breastfeeding: Benefits to Mum and Child

The Mayo Clinic defines extended breastfeeding as when a mother continues to breastfeed her child beyond a year of age.

Here are some facts about extended breastfeeding, including some very powerful benefits: 

  • In toddlers and young children, extended breastfeeding helps them to cope better with new experiences and changes in routine.
  • Breastfeeding moments are the few moments to help children return to “their familiar and safe place.” This will help them to face new challenges with better control of their own anxieties.
  • According to the Mayo Clinic, as your baby gets older, the composition of your breast milk will continue to change to meet his or her nutritional needs. There’s no known age at which breast milk is considered to become nutritionally insignificant for a child.
  • Research has shown that second-year milk is very similar to the first-year milk nutritionally. Even after two years or more it continues to be a valuable source of protein, fat, calcium, and vitamins.
  • According to La Leche Leage International, the immunities in breast milk increase in concentration as the baby gets older and nurses less, so older babies still receive lots of immune factors.
  • When young children fall ill, breastfeeding helps to give immunity and replenish (but not totally replace) nutrition when their appetite is down. Breastmilk is gentler for the human body to digest and faster absorbed by the body.

Read Sonya's post: 


For a comprehensive article on extended breastfeeding and tandem feeding, read this: Everything you need to know about extended breastfeeding

We at theAsianparent wish more power to Sonya! Keep keeping it real, please, for the sake of all mums. 

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