3 Boys slide down escalator handrails in mall as adults cheer them on

3 Boys slide down escalator handrails in mall as adults cheer them on

Three young boys were seen sliding down escalator handrails in a shopping mall. With adults cheering them on...What do you feel about this, parents?

Every other day we come across horror stories involving escalator accidents. And so, it comes as a shock to see this news report of three young boys sliding down escalator handrails in a mall. With adults cheering them on.

Boys seen sliding down escalator handrails in mall

This hard-to-believe incident happened in a mall in Chongqing, China on 6 October 2018.

Three young boys decided to turn the shopping mall into a playground, with the 20 m long escalator as their slide.

And it happened more than once. The children were seen repeatedly climbing onto and sliding down the handrail of the escalator, which is about three storeys high.

sliding down escalator handrails


What’s worse, they also completely ignored the sign which said, “The escalator is under repair; Do not use.”

Their ‘heroic’ act was well-appreciated by two adults (rumoured to be their parents), who were seen filming them and cheering them on, saying, “‘Wow! So Awesome!”

sliding down escalator handrails


Netizens criticise the boys for sliding down escalator handrails

Needless to say, videos of the incident quickly went viral.

Netizens criticised the boys for their dangerous stunt and for ignoring the safety warning. They also slammed the adults for irresponsibly supporting the kids.

sliding down escalator handrails


One Weibo user rightfully said, “The parents are setting a bad example for their children,” another user said. “If an accident were to happen, are they going to blame the shopping mall?”

On 9 August 2018, a 3-year-old toddler fell four storeys to his death after climbing on escalator handrails.

Again, in late July, a 1-year-old baby almost lost her right arm after an escalator suddenly malfunctioned. 

Preventing Escalator Accidents : Remember These Safety Tips

Mums and dads, escalator accidents are happening far too often, and they are sadly, often preventable. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when it comes to escalator safety:

1. Before your child gets on

Make sure there are no loose strings on your child’s clothes that might get caught — mittens, ribbons, shoe laces, other clothing or dangling items.

2. Always hold on to your child’s hand

Have your kid face forward the whole time when standing on a moving escalator.

3. No play on board 

Remind your children to avoid the edge of the steps, and never let them play or sit on the steps.

Apart from your kids trying to climb over the railings, you should also be wary of them putting their hands and feet into the gaps of the escalators. Sticking their heads out of the moving escalators can also be very dangerous, especially when reaching towards the next level, intersecting with the other escalator.

Avoid running up and down the escalators. It’s a very common sight. But all it takes is a loss of balance, and the effects can be irreversible.

4. Use a lift if you have a stroller 

When you’re using a stroller, try to use the elevator as much as possible. In a study done across several years, there were 13,000 child-related injuries and accidents on escalators. Out of that number, 723 revolved around strollers.

In those cases, kids actually fell out of the stroller. It’s better to take a little time waiting for the elevator and be safe.

5. Lift little kids up 

Your little ones may not have enough coordination or developmental skills to step off and instantly land on the platform — it takes good timing even as an adult.

If your toddler jumps off, they might lose their balance and fall. Always lift your toddler on and off the steps of the escalator.

6. Step over the “combs” 

The combs are basically where the escalator steps vanishes into the floor below when you get on or off. There is a slight gap which might trap your kid’s toes. Avoid it completely by stepping over it every single time.

7. The type of shoes matters 

Try to avoid wearing plastic shoes that are flexible and have holes — there have been reports of Crocs or similar types of footwear causing accidents. Your kid may slide their footwear along the side of the escalator, which causes friction and risks a wedged foot.

(Source: Beijing Youth Daily, The Straits Times)

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