4-year-old girl gets foot stuck in White Sands mall escalator

4-year-old girl gets foot stuck in White Sands mall escalator

The little girl's right foot got stuck in the escalator as it was coming down from level two to level one.

We hear of kids getting involved in escalator accidents time and time again. Just last night (11 August), yet another escalator incident involving a four-year-old girl has been reported. 

According to a Channel NewsAsia report, the incident occurred at the White Sands mall in Pasir Ris at around 9.30pm last night. The little girl's right foot had got wedged in the escalator while she was descending from level two to level one of the mall, said the mall's general manager Dennis Cheong in an official statement.

An eyewitness said:

"We were eating and suddenly a kid cried out ... (I) looked down and saw a kid (with her foot) stuck in between the escalator, and her mum holding on. Then everyone (was) rushing to stop the escalator and help the kid."

He further said that the girl had been attended to promptly by the shopping mall's staff within five minutes of the incident occurring.

Also at the scene were an SDC fire engine, fire bikes, a Red Rhino and an ambulance. The little girl was rescued by SCDF personnel and taken to KK Women's and Children's Hospital, say reports. 

Mr Cheong added: 

"The safety of our shoppers is of utmost importance to us and AsiaMalls Management takes a very serious view of the matter," he said. "We are currently conducting an investigation with the escalator operator and the Building & Construction Authority."

The escalator has been closed until further notice. There are no reports yet on the condition of the little girl. 

Escalator safety for families with kids

Mums and dads, here are some basic escalator safety tips for kids you should always keep in mind. 

Getting on the escalator

  • Watch the direction of the moving steps. When stepping on, refrain from standing on the yellow lines as they separate to form steps as the escalator moves. Also make sure you don’t ride up the wrong side as not only is it embarrassing, it is extremely dangerous and could result in serious accidents.
  • Hold on to your kid’s hands. Little children may not have a balance as good as yours, so make sure that you steady your child and keep them close to you.
  • Don’t bring bulky or heavy things onto the escalator. Besides blocking the way of other users, carrying big items like prams or shopping carts may hinder your movement and cause you to fall more easily.

While riding the escalator

  • Grip the handrails firmly. This will prevent you from losing your balance should you get pushed by the crowd. In MRT stations in Singapore, there are announcements reminding passengers to hold on to the handrails at all times.
  • Never sit on the handrails. Handrail riding, a major cause for most escalator accidents around the world, is a cause for many fatal accidents which could have been avoided.
  • Don’t run up or against the movement. Kids may find it fun to climb against the direction of the escalator, but one small trip could result in serious injury, so parents should take precaution to warn their children not to.

Getting off the escalator

  • Move away briskly. After you step off, don’t hog the area as other users behind you might find difficulty moving getting off too and this could result in pushes and shoves that might lead to a fall.
  • Step over the teeth of the escalator. This is especially important for kids as their smaller feet might get caught into the moving ends of the escalator teeth, causing serious harm.

Stay safe mums, dads and kids! For more on escalator safety from theAsianparent, please read the following articles: 


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Reference: Channel NewsAsia

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