New father Prince William falls asleep during an event

New father Prince William falls asleep during an event

Sleep deprivation is a common problem faced by new parents. Looks like the royal dad is no exception to this.

New parents can totally relate to royal dad Prince William’s epic levels of tiredness! In a viral video posted on Twitter by ITV News, he appears to drift off at the Anzac Day of Service that happened a day after his third child’s birth. Maybe this adorable dad did not know about sleep deprivation coping strategies for parents?!

New Father Prince William Falls Asleep During Event… and We Think It’s Adorable!

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge recently welcomed their third baby on the 23rd of April at 6 AM. And along with them the whole world rejoiced at the birth of the royal baby. 

But Prince William could not neglect his royal duties. Soon after the little one’s birth, he had to attend the annual Anzac Day of Service and Commemoration and Thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey.

He was joined by Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle. That’s when he was seen doing his very best to stay awake through the event. However, sleep deprivation seemed to win in the end and the tired new dad was caught dozing off.

Take a look.


Although he had earlier shared with the press that the newborn is sleeping reasonably well, we totally understand his need to catch up on some sleep, just like other new parents.

Sleep Deprivation Coping Strategies: What Experts Say

Lisa Artis from the British Sleep Council shares: “Sleep is as critical to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise and lack of sleep leads to reduced energy levels, poor concentration and memory, mood changes as well as health problems.” Talking about sleep deprivation in new mums, she further states: “Fragmented sleep for weeks, if not months, following the birth of a baby can leave new mums feeling bad tempered, tearful, forgetful and depressed.”

Firstly, she shares that there’s no “one size fits all” rule that you can apply here. Every parent has different needs. But approximately seven or eight hours of sleep can be considered to be enough. She also suggests how to identify whether you are sleep deprived. 

She says: “The best way to determine if you’re getting enough sleep is to look at how you feel the next day. Being tired doesn’t mean you’ve not had enough sleep. However if you feel sleepy, exhausted and unable to function then chances are you are not sleeping well.”

Sleep Deprivation Coping Strategies for Tired Parents: Useful Tips

sleep deprivation coping strategies

Sleep deprivation coping strategies: useful tips

  • Deep Breathing Techniques

    Lisa Artis advises that you can use deep breathing techniques to help you calm down. She says: “If your mind doesn’t stop buzzing, write your thoughts down.”

  • Make Your Room Sleep-Friendly

    Artis advises that taking a look at your bedroom should be the first thing you do when you have difficulty in sleeping.

    She says: “You need the right environment to get a good night’s sleep and that means a bedroom that’s cool, quiet and dark. It may be worth considering investing in dimmer light to avoid bright light waking you up. Make sure the room is gadget free and your bed is comfortable. It’s difficult to get deep, restful sleep on one that’s too soft, too hard, too small or too old.”

  • Find Some “Me-Time”

    Take some time off to rest even if you don’t get to sleep. Resting can be really powerful and help you deal with sleep deprivation. Lisa Artis suggests that a warm bath, a good book, or listening to music can make for a good routine.

  • Have a Balanced Diet

    Even your diet can help you deal with this problem. So, keep your meals balanced and nutritious.

    Lisa explains: “Avoid high carb or sugary foods that give you that mid-morning/afternoon crash and try not to eat so you’re full. Excess eating leaves you sleepy. Ditch the chocolate and crisps and keep healthy, easy-to-eat snacks around such as nuts, fresh fruit or raw vegetables. And stay hydrated: Being dehydrated can make you feel sleepy and dizzy so keep a cold bottle of water to drink close by.”

  • Spend Time Outdoors

    Go outside in the fresh air and take in some sunlight. You can even do this with baby in a stroller or baby carrier. Doing this will also make you feel fresh and awake.

    Lisa shares: “Expose yourself to natural daylight. Your body’s internal clock (its circadian rhythms) is regulated by your exposure to sunlight. This means you can trick your body into believing it should be awake even when it feels tired.”

  • Get Help from Others

    Experts also advise that taking turns to care for baby with your partner or those around you can be of great help in easing tiredness levels. So if a relative or friend offers you a helping hand, do grab some sleep or me-time. Even a 30-minute nap can help your energy levels. You deserve that rest.


Source: Time, Huffington Post, Twitter Handle of ITV News

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